It's that time of year again; autumn is knocking on our doors! After a summer with lots of sunshine, rain showers are starting to become more prominent again. Flooded streets, cellars and creep spaces are no longer a rare sight.

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A flooded cellar / creep space

A common appearance after heavy rainfalls are underground areas flooded with water. People regularly ask us what the best solutions are for draining their cellars.

Naturally, every situation is different, so we are unable to give unambiguous advice. For example, should the space just be drained or should it be pumped completely dry? Are there any suspended solids in the water? If yes, how large? There are plenty of variables that need to be considered.

Draining or dry pumping?

Regular submersible pumps can drain a space of water. However, there will always be a certain amount of water than remains (> 10-22 mm). A submersible utility pump (or puddle sucker pump) can pump a space almost completely dry. That is to say, only about 2 mm water will remain.

Suspended solids

In many cases, the water is contaminated with sand, which is also considered a 'solid'. Everysubmersible pump can process suspended solids of at least 2 mm, which is ideal for water that is slightly polluted with sand. However, there are also cases where larger suspended solids are involved. For example, think of road grime and leaves. These situations require a very specific type of submersible pump, namely a  waste water submersible pump.

Automatic system

The submersible pumps in our range are all equipped with a float switch. A float switch ensures the pump can automatically switch on or off when submersed in water. For example, have a room that is regularly flooded or have a container? Using a float switch is a good solution. This allows you to automatically drain the water to the right location.

Hard to reach places

People often think only submersible pumps are suitable for draining hard to reach places. However, in some cases irrigation pumps can be more effective than submersible pumps.

Think of places that are difficult to access because the passage is not wide enough for placing a submersible pump. The suction hose on an  irrigation pump is almost always small enough to pass through small passages.

As you can see, your choice of pump depends on many different variables. We hope to have helped you out a bit by describing these variables. If you are interested in more information about submersible pumps, please read the blog post  "What to look out for when purchasing a submersible pump". Should you have any other questions, please feel free to  contact us.