Increasing water pressure in the house. Which pumps are suitable?

Are you installing an additional washbasin, a shower, or a washing machine, or does your tap/shower not supply enough water?  In older houses, the water pressure is usually quite low and often needs to be boosted. But which water pumps are suitable for this?

  • When do I need to check the material the pump is made of?
  • What is the purpose of a water tank?
  • What is a speed controller?

If you are looking for a pressure booster, we will be happy to help you find the appropriate model. Please refer to our pump configurator. If you specify your wishes and requirements, the configurator will work out which pump best fits your situation, and you will be assured that you are choosing the right one.

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A water pump that is suitable to increase pressure in water pipes is also called a booster pump. These pumps are made of different materials and equipped with different systems. The most important differences are specified below.

When do I need to check the material the pump is made of?

If the pumped water is used for a drinking water system (e.g. indoor water supply system), you are advised to opt for a pump with a stainless steel pressure vessel to preserve the water quality. All our indoor pressure-boosting pumps are fitted with stainless steel pressure vessels.

What is the purpose of a water tank?

A water tank ensures that the pump does not need to switch on immediately if a supply of water is needed. For example, it does not switch on if you use a tap to fill a glass of water or to wash your hands. In that case, the water tank will provide water, which will save on energy. Furthermore, the pressure vessel prevents water hammer, 'blows' in the pipes, each time a tap is opened; this will extend the pump's life and that of your water pipes.

What is a speed controller?

The new DAB e.sybox is equipped with a speed controller. A speed controller ensures that the pumps runs at an RPM in line with the water requirement, which means that it will usually run at a low speed. If only one tap is opened, the pump's RPM will be exactly enough to keep the tap at the right pressure.  This means that your pump is extremely energy efficient and will last a very long time. Check our range of booster pumps for in the house.

What model do we recommend?

The DAB e.sybox Mini is more expensive, but its low wattage and speed controller system make this water pump far more energy efficient. Owing to its lower energy consumption, the initially more expensive DAB e.sybox Mini will start paying for itself within a few years.