Installing a new sink, shower or washing machine? Or can't get enough water out of your tap/shower? Older buildings often have issues with low water pressure in the water supply. In many cases, an increase in water pressure is therefore required. But which water pumps are suitable for this exactly?

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Water pumps suitable for pressure-increasing purposes are also referred to as  booster pumps . However, booster pumps are made of different materials and are equipped with different systems. The main differences are listed below.

When should I take note of the material from which the pump is manufactured?
When you're planning on using pumped water for a drinking water system (e.g. your water supply in the home), we recommend buying a pump with a stainless steel pressure vessel. After all, stainless steel retains the quality of drinking water. All our pressure-increasing pumps for in the home are equipped with stainless steel pressure vessels.

What is the purpose of a water reservoir?
A water reservoir ensures that the pump doesn't have to be switched on as soon as there is a demand for water. For example, the pump will not turn on when filling a glass of water from the tap or when washing your hands. As long as the reservoir can meet your water needs, the pump will not turn on. This guarantees energy savings. In addition, the pressure vessel ensures that the 'blow' when opening a tap (water hammer) is absorbed. This will benefit the lifespan of your pump and pipes.

What is a frequency-controlled system?
The new DAB E.sybox is equipped with a frequency-controlled system. A frequency-controlled system allows your pump to operate in accordance with your water needs. This means that the pump will generally operate at a low frequency. For example, if only one tap is opened, the pump will only run at the level required to sufficiently pressurise the tap.
This ensures your pump runs very efficiently and has a longer life span.


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Below we have compared two booster pumps from our range, namely the DAB Booster Silent and the DAB E.sybox Mini.

DAB Booster Silent

DAB Booster Silent 3M

  • Pump capacity: 5,200 litres per hour
  • Tank: 2 litres
  • Max. pressure: 3,7 bar
  • Noise level: 67 dB
  • 550 Watt

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DAB E.sybox Mini

DAB E.sybox Mini

  • Pump capacity: 4,800 litres per hour
  • Tank: 1 litres
  • Max. pressure: 5,5 bar
  • Noise level: 45 dB
  • 200 Watt
  • Extremely energy efficient, thanks to frequency-controlled system
  • LCD-display

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