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Installing a macerator - Step-by-step instructions

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Anyone who is handy at all can easily install a Saniflo macerator themselves. This device is used to grind wastewater and to discharge it into the sewage system. It makes it possible to install a toilet, a washbasin, or other sanitary appliances in places that lack a traditional drainage system.

Instruction video

We have created an instructional video to support you in the installation process. Using the DAB Genix Macerator as an example, this video explains step by step what actions you need to take. Most of the steps can also be followed regarding other devices.

Step by step plan

You can also follow the steps below:

  1. Mount the coupling pieces on the inlets.

  2. Mount the piece with the flexible flap on the outlet. There are two ways to position the outlet (top or side).

  3. Floor mounting: Use the two extendable feet if you wish to mount the pump on the floor.


  • Twist the flexible flap of the coupling piece upwards so that you can easily reach the bottom part. 

  • Put the hose clamp around this part (do not fasten it yet), then place the connection over the non-return valve (the tube with the green/black lid) and push it firmly into place. 

  • Fasten the hose clamp with a crosshead (Phillips) screwdriver, a socket driver wrench screwdriver, or a flathead screwdriver.

  • Push the flexible flap down so that it drops over the hose clamp.

  • Place a hose clamp over the end of the coupling piece and connect it to your pipe. Fasten the hose clamp.

  • If your pipe does not fit on the coupling piece, insert one of the supplied reducing pieces in the pump outlet (that is suitable for your pipe).


  • Remove the cover from the pump outlet.

  • Turn the pump outlet to the side of the pump.

  • Place the small white closing cap on top of the cover.

  • Create an entrance on the side of the cover by pushing in the part with the cutting edge. Wiggle it a few times to disconnect this piece from the cover, and carefully pull it off.

  • Follow the same connecting steps as those for the top of the pump.

Important information

  • Make sure the Saniflo is placed no more than 20 centimetres behind the toilet.

  • In addition, the wastewater first needs to be raised vertically (upwards). Place an air vent at the highest point of the drain. The wastewater can then be transported horizontally with a slope of at least one percent. It is therefore not possible to transport the water horizontally first and then vertically. A Saniflo macerator can transport the water up to a maximum of six metres vertically and sixty metres horizontally.

  • The diameter of pipes controlling the discharge from various appliances to the pump needs to be at least 36 mm. A smaller diameter may cause blockages in the pipe, because the wastewater will not yet have been processed.

Do not use pipes that have sharp 90-degree bends. Use only pipes with an angle of no more than 45 degrees. After a bend, always place a straight piece of PVC pipe measuring at least 10 centimetres.

How far can the pump discharge wastewater?

The pump can discharge wastewater over various distances, depending on the height to which the water needs to be raised and on the diameter of the pipes. The illustration below shows the possible distances able to be reached by pumps with pipes that have different diameters.

The distances the wastewater can travel become less as the height of the discharge increases and the diameter of the pipe decreases. For example, if the device pumps the water one metre upwards, it can be transported 90 metres horizontally by way of a pipe that has a diameter of Ø36.2 mm.  If the height is increased by two metres and a pipe with a diameter of Ø28.4 mm is used, the maximum distance will decrease by about 30 metres.

Take your time for a correct installation

Based on the above information, you can now confidentially install a Saniflo yourself. Please note that for optimal performance, it is imperative to install the Saniflo macerator correctly. Take the time necessary to make sure everything has been properly connected. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.