As of November this year, has started selling a new submersible utility pump, the  DAB Nova Up 180 MNA. And with great success! This new pump from the Italian water pump specialist (DAB) is one of the most effective submersible utility pumps available in the market today.

What makes the DAB Nova Up 180 MNA special?
In addition to having a pump capacity of 7,500 litres per hour and a head rate of 5 metres, this pump is suitable for 0-1 mm low suction. There's a reason why this pump is known as one of the most effective submersible utility pumps. In addition, the pump is also equipped with a built-in airlock. This causes the air to disappear from the pump itself, allowing it to operate at full power.

The pump is supplied with a mounted basket. This basket can be easily removed by placing a screwdriver in the three recesses of the pump. After the basket is removed, the pump can drain areas dry at 0-1mm. In addition, the pump also comes with a check valve and hose grommet.

Please take a look at the video for a more detailed impression of the pump.

Order your DAB Nova Up 180 MNA today!!