Connecting a discharge hose to the DAB Nova Up / Verty Nova

Discharge hoses are supplied with three separate connecting pieces and several already attached. Discharge hoses can be interconnected with each other without extra accessories, which is possible if you have ordered two or more of these hoses at the same time.

To see how the discharge hose is connected to the pump, complete the following steps if you bought a pump from the DAB Nova Up or the DAB Verty Nova series:  

1.         Check the contents of the purchase order

2.         Remove the non-return valve from the box and ensure the word 'UP' is visible

3.         Put the non-return valve on the pump outlet

4.         Check the discharge hose: it has three extra connecting pieces

5.         Take the threaded adapter

6.         Screw it over the non-return valve on the pump outlet

7.         Take the double nipple

8.         Screw it onto the threaded adapter

9.         Take the smallest end of the hose

10.       Unscrew all of its coupling pieces at the same time

11.       Result

12.       Now screw the discharge hose onto the pump's connecting pieces

13.       You are ready to start pumping