Connecting a water pump to an outside tap

Spraying a garden with water from an outside tap is usually possible if it involves a small size garden. However, if a longer hose needs to be connected or if multiple sprinklers are to be used at the same time, the amount of water and pressure is often too low. You may wonder whether in that case it would be possible to connect a water pump - for example, a garden pump or booster pump - to an outside tap in order to increase the pressure.

The answer is no, it is not possible. Below are two reasons that this is not possible and not allowed:

  1. The water supply from an outside tap is usually too low for a pump to operate adequately;
  2. If a water pump is connected to an outside tap, it will draw a great amount of pressure and water from the water pipe situated in front of the outside tap. This means that when the pump is on, the indoor taps - for example, in the kitchen or shower - will provide barely any water and pressure;
  3. However, there are two ways to increase the pressure and capacity of your sprinklers.

    Place a pressure booster

    There are pumps that you are allowed to install between existing water pipes. However, they should not be connected to the outside tap but installed close to the water meter (where the water pipes enter the house). An additional advantage is that you will also benefit from higher pressure, if needed, throughout the house.

    In this case, we would recommend the DAB Easybox Mini 3, a pump suitable for use in any house that provides your irrigation system with sufficient pressure and water. This pressure booster is noiseless (about 45 dB) and speed-controlled, which means that it is capable of regulating itself based on demand for water. For example, if you were to set the pressure to 2 bar, the pump will not need to work too hard to supply the indoor taps with water, but will also support them when the irrigation system is switched on. In that case, the indoor taps will still provide the same amount of pressure.

    Use natural water

    If your garden is situated next to a ditch, a river, or a lake, this water can be used to irrigate your garden with a garden pump. If there is no natural source in the area, you may want to look into the possibility of digging / drilling a groundwater source / well on your grounds. The groundwater supplied by this source can be used to irrigate your garden, and a garden pump can be used, provided that the water is not situated at a depth greater than eight metres. If the water is situated at a deeper level, you can opt for a borehole pump.

    Please use our pump configurator to select the pump most suitable for your situation. Enter details about your situation, and the configurator will calculate which pumps are best for you.