Hoses and couplings

Types of hoses

Types of hoses

There are two types of hoses:

  • Discharge hose
  • Suction hose

Discharge hoses

For all submersible pumps, booster pumps, and garden pumps, we supply multifunctional discharge hoses that are 10 metres long. The hoses are designed to pump clean and slightly contaminated water, and can handle a maximum of 6 bar. If a 10-metre hose is too short, it can easily be extended by attaching two or more other hoses to it. These hoses are supplied with the required coupling pieces: 30.93 mm (1"), 39.59 mm (1 ¼"), 33.25 mm (1"),  41.91mm (1 ¼") so that you can start setting up immediately. They allow you to attach the hose to all the submersible pumps, garden pumps, and booster pumps we supply. 
Drain hose

Suction hoses

Our suction hoses are available in different models and lengths for different situations. In principle, there are two types of suction hoses: synthetic and brass.

The synthetic hose is available in four or seven metres, and is suitable for booster or garden pumps. Is has been designed specifically for use with a small-capacity water pump, and is equipped as standard with a suction filter and a built-in non-return valve. The hose is supplied with coupling pieces for pumps with 30.93 mm (1") and 33.25 mm (1") connections. 
Suction hose

The high-quality brass hose is also available in lengths of four and seven metres. These hoses are made of kink-free, durable material, and finished with a hidden hard PVC spiral. The hoses are fitted with a stainless steel inlet filter, a brass foot valve, and a brass threaded connection to attach it to the pump. The coupling pieces supplied with it are for 30.93 mm (1") and 33.25 mm (1")  
Suction hose