New: DAB Nova Up 180 MNA

In November 2013, added a new puddle pump to its collection: the DAB Nova Up 180 MNA, which has proven to be a great success. Of all the pumps available on the market, this pump from the Italian water pump specialist, DAB, works closest to the surface.

What is so special about the DAB Nova Up 180 MNA?

In addition to having a pump capacity of 7,500 l/h and a 5-metre delivery head, this pump is capable of draining a surface to a level as low as 0-1 mm, and is therefore rightly called a puddle pump. The device is also fitted with a built-in airlock that automatically vents air from the pump so that it can operate at full capacity. The pump is fitted as standard with a strainer that can be removed easily by using a screwdriver to disconnect it from the three recesses. Once the strainer is removed, the pump can drain to a level as low as 0-1 mm. The pump is also fitted with a non-return valve and a hose socket.

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