Pump for underfloor heating: a conscious energy-efficient choice

Read this article if your house has an underfloor heating system, or you plan to have one fitted. It will save you a sizeable amount of money each year.

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Underfloor heating pump

Hoses/tubes through which hot water is pumped run underneath the floor, where the underfloor heating system is located. This hot water increases the temperature in the room in which the heating system is installed. In most cases, it will be warm enough so that no radiators need to be used.

The water in the heating system is usually heated by the boiler, which pumps it towards the underfloor distribution system, where the water is distributed over different heating groups. The system is equipped with an underfloor heating pump,  which ensures that the hot water is distributed between them.

Did you know that this underfloor heating pump is the same as the one in your central heating system? These pumps run nonstop if water is used, which results in high energy costs. Underfloor heating and central heating pumps account for about 450 kWh in energy a year.

It may therefore be a good idea to look into sustainable alternatives.

Energy-efficient underfloor heating

You do not need to worry that your entire underfloor heating system has to be replaced in order to save costs. One component in this system that could save you a lot of money is the pump.

An underfloor heating pump is also called a circulation or central heating pump, because it is actually the same type of pump used in your central heating system. The models we carry - the DAB Evosta circulation pumps - are highly energy efficient, have a type A energy rating, are speed controlled, and use only about 135 kWh in energy a year.

This comes down to a 70% or € 78.75 saving in energy costs per year.

Consequently, if you decide to buy the DAB Evosta, the pump will pay for itself within about 2.5 years,

Replacing an underfloor heating pump

All underfloor heating pumps, even if they are several decades old, can be replaced directly with a model from the DAB Evosta line, which comes in three different versions.

In this way, you immediately start saving energy. The only important thing is to know the brand and type of your current circulation pump,  which you can look up in this replacement table before you check which DAB Evosta pump is suitable to replace it. A circulation pump can easily be replaced by any handyman who knows how to handle water pump pliers, even if they need to be borrowed.

Follow the following replacement steps:

  1. Turn off the water supply in your underfloor distribution system
  2. Unplug the underfloor heating pump
  3. Using the water pump pliers, undo the two swivels
  4. Push them apart and remove the current circulation pump
  5. Put the new circulation pump between them
  6. Fasten the two swivels using water pump pliers
  7. Plug in the new circulation pump
  8. Turn on the water supply.

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