What connecting pieces do I need for my garden pump?

Suction kit

Many of our pumps are supplied with a kit to be used for the suction connection. In principle, you need just one of our suction hoses to pump water and, in most cases, can start immediately. We also offer solutions if longer distances need to be bridged or the pipe is to be placed underground.

However, it is more difficult to determine what accessories you need for the pump outlet, or delivery connection, mainly for the following reasons:

  1. You already have several accessories that you may want to use;
  2. Every garden is different in terms of size / situation / obstacles / facilities;
  3. Pipes are already in place;
  4. The number of distribution points or the type of sprinklers are unknown to us

Apart from the above-mentioned frequently occurring situations, there are many reasons as to why we are unable to compose a standard kit. Nevertheless, we are keen to help you find a solution.

Main restrictions

  1. Do not use Gardena couplings directly on or close to the pump's delivery outlet. These will drastically limit the pump's capacity, and should only be attached to the end of the hose.
  2. A standard garden hose with a diameter of about 13 mm is too narrow, and will also reduce the pump's capacity considerably. You are advised to use hoses or tubes with a minimum inner diameter of 19 mm (3/4") or 25 mm (1"). 

Best solutions

1. Hose socket and hose clamp      


Depending on the hose diameter, you generally need a 19 mm (3/4") or 25 mm (1") hose socket. 

The bottom of the hose socket fits directly into a DAB pump, and the hose is slipped over it and secured with a hose clamp. For the TALLAS pump, you also need a 1” threaded adapter, onto which the socket bottom can be screwed. 

Click here for a Hose socket

Click here for a hose clamp

2. Quick coupling device and hose clamp  

The DAB pump requires a 1” external (male) thread connection (a 1.25" one for the Jet 200 and 300), and the same 1" connection should be used with the TALLAS pump. The second part of the thread connection is the hose socket. Depending on the hose diameter, you generally need a 19 mm (3/4") or 25 mm (1") hose socket, and the hose is secured with a hose clamp.

Click here for Quick coupling device

Click here for a hose clamp

Complete hose kit with connectors

For garden irrigation, we supply a hose kit that includes all the connecting pieces, which allows for a quick and easy connection to one or two sprinklers. Optionally, a water distributor and a few Gardena fittings allow you to distribute the water supply among multiple hoses.

We can supply 25-metre and 50-metre hoses.