What is a water pump?

  • What is a water pump?
  • What water pump brand?

What is a water pump?

The term water pump is a common name for a broad-based group of products,  which, in many cases, are used to transfer water under pressure. This term covers pumps used for a wide variety of situations, such as draining water. These pumps are used mainly in locations with standing water, while other models supply water to irrigate gardens or plots of land. Moreover, there are also pumps that boost the water pressure in water pipes or that circulate the water from your heating system. In other words, there is a pump for any situation. For example, flooding - and the draining of this water - occurs more often in autumn and winter, whereas spring and summer are drier seasons, in which water may need to be supplied.

What water pump brand?

Thousands of different water pump manufacturers operate worldwide. In practice, many models are produced in China and marketed under different brand names, while some manufacturers produce their own products in Europe. There is a major difference in quality between pumps, and this may cause problems if the pump has to take a pounding.

In principle, only a few water pump brands actually produce and supply their own high-quality products: for example, Grundfos and DAB (same family), Wilo, or Pedrollo. With regard to Grundfos / DAB, we know that their products meet the highest quality standards possible. Their pumps are produced - often partly by hand - in their own factories in Europe, and are first tested by their staff before being packed in boxes. These test results are packed with every pump. 

Usually there is also a difference in price. Quality assurance costs money, and is part of the cost price. However, from experience we know that these top-quality pumps usually last much longer and will continue to operate well.