Is your underfloor heating pump broken? Think the pump needs replacing? It's important that you know what the problem is, so that you can act accordingly. This post provides additional information about your underfloor heating pump.

Underfloor heating doesn't work, what's up?

There many reasons why an underfloor heating pump may not operate properly, but what is going on exactly? The underfloor heating doesn't warm up. This is a common issue. If you have radiators in the same room, the thermostat may be automatically switched off if the radiators reach a specific temperature. As a result, the underfloor heating may not have had enough time to warm up. This could potentially be the cause of the problem. At the same time, there may also be a case of pressure loss. A boiler ensures that the underfloor heating warms up. If the boiler has no or insufficient pressure, heat cannot be distributed. In that case, the problem may be solved after you simply refill the boiler. Another possibility is that the expansion vessel may be broken. If you need to refill the boiler often, it is likely that your expansion vessel is leaking.

Should your expansion vessel be the problem, you can order a replacement vessel from our webshop. Please take a look at our assortment of  expansion vessel suitable for central heating.

How do you know that your underfloor heating pump is broken (symptoms)?

The underfloor heating pump may be broken. The pump may either not work at all or make a rustling sound. If there are small air bubbles in the circuit, it is important that the system is vented. In any case, there are a few things you should take a look at:

  • Is the boiler actually running?
  • Is the top canister of the distributor hot?
  • Are the group valves open and does the pump work properly?
  • Does the temperature not exceed 50 degrees?

Replacing underfloor heating pump

It may be that the underfloor heating pump needs replacing. You can easily do this yourself. We offer (energy efficient) replacements for almost all existing underfloor heating pumps. You can also take a look at our replacement chart for more information. The chart can be found here: Replacement chart.

In addition, we have also made a video that demonstrates how to replace your underfloor heating pump:


Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you. Naturally, it is important that the underfloor heating pump operates correctly. We will gladly take your worries away.