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Reducing heating costs

The cold winter months are once more on the way, and we have to start heating our houses and buildings again. You probably know already that your gas bill is going to go up, but did you realise that your energy costs also rise during the winter season?

  • Ten percent of your energy consumption
  • Energy-efficient central heating pump
  • What central heating pump do I need?
  • How do I replace a central heating pump?

Ten percent of your energy consumption

Every house with a boiler, underfloor heating, or radiators has a pumping system that distributes water throughout the house. The pump in this system is called a central heating, underfloor heating, or circulation pump.  The reason your energy costs rise is because this pump accounts for 10% of your total energy consumption, which is about 450 kWh a year.

Energy-efficient central heating pump

You can save 70% if you opt for an energy-efficient central heating pump, which comes down to over € 70 a year.  Moreover, these pumps are suitable to replace your current model, and you can easily install one yourself.

What central heating pump do I need?

We provide a replacement table in which you can immediately find the replacement pump, and then order the one you require.  Click here for the replacement table.

Do not worry if you cannot find your current pump in the table, because we supply a whole range of energy-efficient models. Please contact us by email or call us

How do I replace a central heating pump?

Simply follow the steps on our instructional video and instantly start saving