With the cold winter months coming up again, it's that time of the year that our homes and buildings will need to be heated again. You're probably already aware that your gas bill is much higher in these months, but did you know that your energy costs also rise due to cold temperatures during this period?

10% of your energy consumption

Every home with a boiler, underfloor heating or radiator has a system that distributes hot water. This system is equipped with a pump that circulates the water through pipes. This pump is also referred to as a central heating pump, underfloor heating pump or circulation pump.

The reason that your energy costs rise during the cold months is that this pump alone is responsible for 10% of your total energy consumption. That's an average of 450 kWh per year!

Energy efficient central heating pump

When choosing an energy efficient central heating pump, you can make savings of up to 70%, amounting to over 70 £ a year. Moreover, these energy efficient central heating pumps are also easily interchangeable with your current pump.

Which central heating pump do I need?

We have created a replacement chart that allows you to easily find and order a suitable replacement pump. Click here to view our replacement chart.

What if your current central heating pump is not listed? No problem, we have energy efficient replacements for all existing central heating pumps. Please contact us via email or by phone.

How do I replace a central heating pump?

Simply follow the steps from our instructional video and start saving immediately!