Is your home provided with underfloor heating, or are you planning on installing some? Read this blog post and start saving dozens of euros each year!

Underneath your floor, where your underfloor heating system  is located, are various tubes/pipes through which hot water is circulated. This warm water creates higher temperatures in the room where the underfloor heating system is installed. In most cases this generates plenty of heat, meaning you won't require any additional radiators.

The water in the underfloor heating system is almost always heated by your boiler system. The boiler pumps water into the  underfloor distributor. This underfloor distributor is equipped with an  underfloor heating pump. The pump ensures the water is distributed across different groups.

Did you know that the central heating pump is the same pump as the one located in your boiler? Whenever you're using water, these pumps are always running, resulting in high energy costs. On average, underfloor heating pumps and boiler pumps are responsible for  450 kWh in energy every year!

Indeed... maybe a good idea to look at some sustainable alternatives.

Energy efficient underfloor heating

Looking to save costs but have no intention of replacing your entire underfloor heating system? Don't worry! The one component that you can significantly save on is the  underfloor heating pump.

An underfloor heating pump is also referred to as a  circulation pump or central heating pump. After all, it is a similar pump to the one in your boiler system. The underfloor heating pumps in our range - more specifically,  the DAB Evosta circulation pumps - are highly energy efficient. These circulation pumps carry an A-label, are frequency controlled and use an average of 135 kWh in energy every year. 
This amounts to 70% in savings, or € 78.75 a year!

This means that you will recoup your investment in a DAB Evosta pump within just 2.5 years.

Replacing an underfloor heating pump

All underfloor heating pumps, including decades old pumps, can be directly exchanged with the DAB Evosta series. The DAB Evosta circulation pumps are available in three different versions and can all be directly exchanged with older pumps.
In other words, you can start saving energy immediately! The only thing you need to know is your current pump's brand and type. Take a look at this  replacement chart, find your current pump and see which DAB Evosta pump can replace your current one.

Replacing a circulation pump is very simple. Anyone with some DIY skills and pump pliers can do it themselves. Even if you don't have a set of pliers, there's no doubt someone in your family/circle of friends will.

Take the following steps for replacing your pump:

  1. Shut off the water in your underfloor distributor.
  2. Remove the power from your underfloor heating pump.
  3. Remove the two swivels using the set of pliers.
  4. Squeeze the swivels and remove the circulation pump.
  5. Place the new pump in between the swivels.
  6. Re-tighten the two swivels using the set of pliers.
  7. Connect the power to the new pump.
  8. Open the water supply again.


Or take a look at the following video:

Any questions or uncertainties? Feel free to contact us. We are always happy to assist you!