What is a booster pump?

Similar to an irrigation pump, a booster pump (also referred to as a hydrophore or pressure-boosting pump) is a self-priming pump. A booster pump is often used to increase water pressure in a water pipe, but may also be used for irrigating gardens and lawns and supplying water to toilets, wash basins and washing machines.

The main differences with an irrigation pump are:

  1. Presence of a tank
  2. Automatically switches on or off

Given the presence of a tank, the initial water supply will come out of the tank to prevent the pump from activating for small quantities. The tank also reduces water hammer. The rattling of pipes when opening and closing a faucet.

A booster pump is a self-priming pump. In other words, the pump sucks water from the source and uses it at high pressure for (mainly) irrigation purposes. It is physically impossible to suck water at depths greater than 8 metres. Of course, sucking up water over horizontal distances greater than 8 metres is entirely possible.

When should I use a booster pump?

When irrigating land, you may best opt for a booster pump if you want to sprinkle manually. For example, think of sprinkling your garden with a spray gun. The pump will automatically turn off when you release the trigger. Naturally, you may also attach your booster pump to a sprinkler system.

When reusing rainwater indoors (e.g. for your toilet or washing machine), a booster is highly recommended because this process automatically consumes relatively little water. In such situations, the pump must also be able to turn on or off automatically.

What type of booster pump should I buy?

For irrigation purposes, you can use a conventional booster pump, such as the DAB Aquajet or Tallas D-BOOST.
If you live along a canal or fast-flowing river or have a clean water source, you may opt for an underwater booster, such as the DAB Divertron or Tallas D-ESUB. These models are very simple, plug-and-play boosters. Ideally suited for reusing rainwater for your toilet or washing machines.
If you want to increase water pressure indoors (e.g. for your shower), you must install a booster indoors. A silent and powerful pump, which is fully adjustable and compact, is no unnecessary luxury in such a situation. Recommendations are a DAB Easybox (Mini) or Tallas D-ECONCEPT.