What is a water pump?

Water pump is a collective name for a wide range of products. However, all pumps displace water under generated pressure. There are many types of water pumps available, all with different purposes. For example, take pumps intended for water removal. These pumps are especially deployed in areas with permanent water sources. Other pumps provide for water supply, for irrigation of gardens or land, for example. There are also water pumps that increase the pressure in your water supply or provide water circulation for your central heating. In short: every water pump has a specific purpose. For example, water nuisance (e.g. flooding) is greater in autumn and winter, meaning it is more likely water will have to be removed. In spring and summer there will be more drought, so water must be supplied in a variety of ways.

What brands of water pumps are there?

There are thousands of different water pump manufacturers around the world. Many are manufactured in China and sold under different brand names. However, there are also brands that are produced and manufactured in Europe. Depending on the region of manufacture, there are major differences in quality. Quality is important, especially considering the use of certain pumps.

In brief, there are only a few water pump brands that guarantee quality. Think of Grundfos and DAB (same family of companies), Wilo or Pedrollo.

Grundfos/DAB products are certain to meet the highest quality standards. Their pumps are manufactured in private factories across Europe. Before the (often hand fabricated) pumps are packaged, they are tested by people. The tests results are included in the packaging.

There is often also a difference in price. Naturally, quality assurance costs money, which is calculated in the cost price. However, we can say from experience that these pumps will often last many years longer.