What is an irrigation pump?

An irrigation pump is a high-pressure water pump that allows you to extract water from a source, channel, lake or ditch and irrigate your garden or land. An irrigation pump consists of pump impellers that ensure water is released from the pump at certain pressures. This water can be pumped to an impeller, sprayer or sprinkler through hoses and subsequently be used for irrigation purposes.

An irrigation pump is self-priming pump. In other words, the pump itself sucks the water from the source and uses it for high-pressure irrigation. It is physically impossible to suck water at depths greater than 8 metres. Of course, sucking up water over horizontal distances greater than 8 metres is entirely possible.

What type of irrigation pump should I buy?

There are many different types of irrigation pumps available. The most simple pumps are the ones you set up and turn on by plugging it to a power source. A more sophisticated version is an irrigation pump with operating system. This pump automatically turns on or off when you open a water source. Moreover, these pumps are protected against dry-running. There are even irrigation pumps that are equipped with Wi-Fi and can be set up and powered on or off by means of an app.
And finally, there are also irrigation pumps that are frequency-controlled. The advantage of these is that they operate energy efficiently. If little water is required, the pump will operate proportionally, if more water is required, the pump will increase its operating power.

An irrigation pump is the easiest way to use water from a nearby source as a solution for your problem. With an irrigation pump you can easily start using water from a nearby ditch, canal or other water source.