Water pumps are available in different types and sizes and have varied uses. In general, all types of water can be drained as long as the right pump is used. The big question is then: What type of pump do I need?

First of all, it should be clear what activity you wish to carry out. After all, different pumps have specific purposes. Each activity with the associated selection of pumps is described below.

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Do you have a certain space that needs to be drained (whether or not due to inconveniences)? The most common type of pump for this purpose is a submersible pump. A submersible pump is a pump that can be immersed in a water source, after which the water is drained to the location of your choice through the drain hose. A submersible pump is suitable for both clean water and waste water containing suspended solids. However, always take note of the pump's permeability of suspended solids. A submersible pump can be used for draining flooded cellars, wells, rain barrels and manure pits.

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Submersible utility / puddle sucker pumps

If a space needs to be pumped dry almost entirely, the best option is a submersible utility pump. Submersible utility pumps drain up to 0-2 mm, making such a pump only suitable for clean water / rainwater.

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When spraying your garden, greenhouse or land, you may opt for an irrigation pump. Irrigation pumps are available in different versions, with the greatest differences being in head rate, intake depth and pump capacity. The deeper the pump must suck, the more water pressure is lost. Each available pump includes a graph that indicates the water pressure that can be reached at specific depths.

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Filling a pond or pool

Filling a pond or pool requires a water pump that can transport clean water under high pressure.  Irrigation pumps are usually used for this purpose.

Pumping water from one place to another

If you want to pump clean or waste water from one place to another, you need a self-priming pump (often an irrigation pump). A self-priming pump is equipped with both a suction and drain hose. With self-priming pumps, the suction hose is submersed in the water source, after which the water is sucked into the pump through the suction hose. Afterwards, the water is drained through the drain hose. More often than not, an  irrigation pump is used for such purposes.

Increasing water pressure

Booster pumps, or water pressure boosting pumps, are mainly used in homes where the water pressure in pipes is too low. They are ideal for houses with older pipes and upstairs apartments, but also for homes with an extra shower, toilet, tap or washing machine, for example.

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Water supply for fountain

If you wish to create a fountain in your pond, you'll need a pond pump. Besides simply circulating water, these pumps can also create fountains.

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Water circulation

Water in ponds should be circulated to prevent any harmful substances from affecting the life in the pond. In addition, water circulation ensures a better absorption of oxygen and carbon dioxide, keep the water healthy. The same applies for swimming pools. These must circulate the water to ensure the swimming pool is clean and healthy.

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Using rainwater indoors

In order to use rainwater for indoor purposes, you will need a rainwater havesting pump. These pumps allow rainwater to be reused as clean water. For example, consider using rainwater as flushing water for your toilet. On average, a person flushes 13,000 litres of water through the toilet every year. By reusing rainwater, you could partially replace these 13,000 litres with rainwater, washbasin water or shower water.

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