As the name suggests, a submersible pump is submersed in a liquid to remove any unwanted water.

There are different types of submersible pumps:

  1. Submersible utility pumps
  2. High pressure submersible pumps
  3. Submersible pumps with float, built-in float or float switch
  4. Submersible pumps for clean water, waste water or water containing suspended solids

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Submersible utility pump

A submersible pump sucks up water at the bottom of the pump. A submersible utility pump may be the ideal solution if the water level is not that high. After all, the inlet of this type of pump is located only a few millimetres from the ground, allowing the water to be sucked up to a few millimetres.

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High pressure submersible pump

This is a submersible pump with more power than a regular one. These pumps are also used as irrigation pumps or pumps for connecting high pressure cleaners.


In general, all submersible pumps are equipped with a float. The float is used to automatically activate the pump when immersed in water. The float is usually external or built-in. Some submersible pumps even have a float switch. A switch can be used to decide whether or not the pump will automatically switch on when immersed in water.

Clean water, waste water or water containing suspended solids

When purchasing a pump, always consider whether it is intended for clean water or waste water. Waste water is sandy, cloudy water. A clean water pump is usually sufficient for cleaning your cellar. However, septic wells and the emptying thereof is regarded as highly contaminated. Water containing suspended solids refers to water that includes anything larger than a sand grain. Also always take a look at the pump specifications. These always list the maximum permissible suspended solid size.

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What else should you pay attention to when making a purchase?

  1. The space in which the pump with float switch will be located
  2. Are there options for connecting the pump?
  3. What should the capacity of the pump be? Or, how large is your reservoir?
  4. Where do you wish to transfer the water to and from? (we use the terms head rate and intake depth)

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