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How does the cashback action work?

Until 30 November 2023, you can earn back part of your purchase price with our cashback promotion. We give 10% cashback when you purchase a DAB Evosta 3. All you need to do is send us one or more clear photo(s) (max. 3) of your new circulator in operation.

Step 1

Buy one of the participating circulators (DAB Evosta 3) at You can find these products on the promotion page.

Step 2

Go to the cashback form. Then fill in your details and upload the photo(s) of your water pump in operation.

Step 3

You will receive a notification on your screen that your application was successful.

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When entering the cashback promotion, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


  • The cashback can only be collected by customers who have purchased one of the participating circulators (DAB Evosta 3) from between 9 October and 30 November 2023.

  • The cashback must be applied for before 15 December 2023.

  • Per customer/address a maximum of one cashback takes place. When ordering multiple products, the highest cashback is leading.

  • If you meet the conditions, the cashback will be paid to your specified account number before 22 December 2023.

  • When participating in this cashback, you give the right to use your photos and texts for commercial purposes.


  • A photo should have a size of max 8 mb.

  • You can upload a maximum of 3 photos.

  • The working product must be clearly shown in the picture. If there is a person present, they should be unrecognizable in the picture.

  • The photos submitted should be taken by yourself and free of watermarks.

  • You submit a review about the installation and operation of your product (minimum 60 words).

  • The text submitted should be written by yourself and not used on another page/website.


Not sure how to go about it yet? No problem! We have collected some photos of customers who have gone before you. Have you built an even more beautiful installation? We look forward to your submission.