Non-return valve 1 ¼"

    Ensures the water flows in one direction.

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    Non-return valve 1 ¼"
    Specifications overview
    • Size 1: 1 ¼" female thread
    • Size 2: 1 ¼" female thread
    • Suitable in combination with a submersible pump
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    Product description

    A non-return valve is often used to drain water: for example, with a submersible pump. When water is pushed through a non-return valve, the ball is pushed to the side (the Y shape), allowing the water to pass through freely. As soon as no more water is pushed through, the ball automatically drops down, closing off the device and stopping the water from flowing back.

    Please note: This also means that the non-return valve should always be installed vertically (see image) to let gravity do its job.

    For draining spaces, we recommend using a non-return valve; if you do not use one, the drained water in the hose will flow back into the space. This means the space will never be fully drained/dry, a situation that can be easily avoided with a non-return valve.

    This model has a 1 ¼" screw connection fitted with a female thread on both sides. For example, if you need to process dirty water and a dirt particle gets stuck, the ball can be cleaned by unscrewing the lid and removing the ball.

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    General information

    Warranty2 year warranty
    Manufacturer codeAD638

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    Weight0,5 kg

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