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DAB Diver 6-600 M-A

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Physical characteristics

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Types of water this pump can handle

Flow-rate table
Delivery diameter: 1"
Number of sprinklers / water points used at the same time: 2
  • 20 metre(s) Pump capacity start 2,000 liters per hour
  • 15 metre(s) Pump capacity start 3,200 liters per hour
  • 10 metre(s) Pump capacity start 4,250 liters per hour
  • 5 metre(s) Pump capacity start 5,100 liters per hour
  • 0 metre(s) Pump capacity start 5,900 liters per hour
  • Pomp type

Dry-running protection

The name says it all: this pump is protected from running dry. Most pumps cannot, if at all, operate dry for long, which usually ends in the pump immediately burning out and/or seizing. For example, this could happen if the source has run dry and the pump can no longer draw water from it. Garden and booster pumps are particularly sensitive to running dry. Some borehole pumps and somewhat more advanced garden pumps are already equipped with built-in dry-running protection. Others can be easily fitted with a dry-running protection system: for example, with a separate one or with the DAB Control-D. This definitely guarantees that the garden or booster pump will not run dry.

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DAB Diver 6-600 M-A DAB Diver 6-600 M-A