DAB Evotron 40/130 1/2” SOL Circulation Pump (central heating pump)

    Start saving directly and change your old circulation pump with this new frequency-controlled DAB Evotron circulation pump.
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    DAB Evotron 40/130 1/2” SOL Circulation Pump (central heating pump)
    Expected as of 06-03-2024
    Specifications overview
    • Overall dimensions 130 mm
    • Screw connection 1"
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    Product description

    The DAB Evotron is a circulation pump suitable for small to medium-sized systems. Just like other DAB circulation pumps, this circulation pump is equipped with an integrated inverter. This makes the DAB Evotron up to 60% more energy efficient compared to more conventional circulation pumps. This means savings of dozens of euros a year!

    The inverter ensures the DAB Evotron only runs at the speed required for providing the right amount of water and pressure:

    • Supply points open: Maximum capacity, the pump runs at full capacity
    • Supply points slightly open: Minimum capacity, the pump runs at low capacity
    • Unique: optional night reduction: The pump runs at minimum speed (5 watts)

    The DAB Evotron is available in 3 different versions:

    • Evotron: Highly suited for central heating and air conditioning
    • Evotron SOL: Mainly intended for water circulation in solar water heaters
    • Evotron SAN: Highly suited for warm sanitary water circulation

    The DAB Evotron is equipped with an insulation kit, which ensures that no energy is lost in the form of heat.

    Operating the DAB Evotron is very easy thanks to 2 physical buttons. The LEDs on the circulation pump indicate what to do next. This allows you to set the pump to 3 different modes of operation:

    • Constant speed (like a traditional pump)
    • Constant pressure
    • Proportional pressure


    • Underfloor heating: Constant speed or Proportional pressure
    • Radiators: Proportional pressure
    • Constant pressure (boiler feed, solar water heater, etc.): Constant speed
    • Fast ventilation: Constant speed

    Recommended combinations

    General information

    Warranty2 year warranty
    Manufacturer code60143372

    Physical specifications

    Weight2,7 kg

    Technical information

    Input power (W)27 Watt
    Max. temperature of liquid-10°C - 110°C


    Max. pump capacity2,750 litres per hour
    Max. delivery head4 metres
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