DAB Nova 180 M-A

    Ideal for supplying and draining vast amounts of water.

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    Specifications overview
    • Max. pump capacity 4,800 litres per hour
    • Max. delivery head 4,9 metres
    • Solid particles 5 mm
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    DAB Nova 180 M-A
    Specifications overview
    • Max. pump capacity 4,800 litres per hour
    • Max. delivery head 4,9 metres
    • Solid particles 5 mm
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    Product description

    The DAB Nova 180 M-A Submersible Pump is highly suited for direct water supply from a reservoir or tank. The included hose lets you easily drain water from a source. Moreover, you can get started right away! A very useful pump for supplying your greenhouse or vegetable garden. Thanks to its higher capacity, this pump is a lot more convenient than other (smaller) submersible pumps.

    This pump is ideal for processing clean and waste water with a maximum permeation of 10 mm. Extremely useful for use in and around the home. For example, the draining of souterrains or rooms/cellars is very easy with this pump. Moreover, thanks to its simplicity, the pump can also be quickly used in emergency situations (e.g. water nuisance). Finally, the pump may also be used for draining water from pools, fountains or reservoirs. Depending on the size of the job(s), you may choose from 3 different pumps in this series, starting with the Nova Up 180 MNA and up to the Nova 600 M-A.

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    Five-year warranty

    There is no need to feel uncertain about the quality of our product, because it comes with a 5-year warranty, and without additional rules, forms to be completed, or the need for you to register. We are strong advocates of superior quality, and this is the basis on which we have selected our range of products. The quality is higher than most other brands, and we like to make you aware of this. We not only supply essential accessories to extend the pump's lifespan but we also provide a long warranty period. You will feel more confident about your decision to buy, knowing that you do not need to do anything, because the 5-year warranty becomes valid at the moment of purchase.

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    General information

    Warranty5 year warranty
    Manufacturer code60195073H

    Physical specifications

    Delivery diameter1,25”
    MaterialPump housing, impeller, headpiece and pump grid of plastic (technopolymer). Motor, rotor and screws of stainless steel.
    Weight4,6 kg
    Dimensions (l x w x h)18,1 x 23,5 x 25,3 cm (swivel width)

    Technical information

    Power consumption200 Watt
    Max. temperature of liquid0°C – 35°C


    Max. pump capacity4,800 litres per hour
    Max. delivery head4,9 metres
    Solid particles5 mm
    1. DAB Nova 180 M-A with 7-metre drain hose
      DAB Nova 180 M-A Submersible Pump
      £215.95 £201.17
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