Grundfos Alpha1 25-60/130

Circulation pump of the highest quality with an energy consumption display.
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Specifications overview
  • Overall dimensions 130 mm
  • Screw connection 1 ½"
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Specifications overview
  • Overall dimensions 130 mm
  • Screw connection 1 ½"
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If you are looking for a similar pump of the same quality but in a lower price range, you are advised to opt for the DAB Evosta 40-70/130.

Pros and cons
  • You can easily replace the old central heating pump yourself; view our video
  • Find your current central heating pump in the replacement table
  • Extremely energy efficient

The Grundfos Alpha1 25-60/130, a circulation pump in the latest Grundfos Alpha series, has been designed for domestic heating systems, central heating, and underfloor heating. By means of the latest technologies, this circulation pump saves considerably more energy than the older Grundfos models. The central heating pump has a user-friendly operating panel with one button to operate the entire device, and a display showing the actual power consumption in watts.

Setting the Grundfos Alpha1

The pump has the following settings:

  • Proportional-pressure curve: PP1 (= lowest setting)
  • Proportional pressure curve: PP2 (= highest setting)
  • Constant-pressure curve: CP1 (= lowest setting)
  • Constant-pressure curve: CP2 (= highest setting)
  • Constant curve/constant speed I (= lowest setting)
  • Constant curve/constant speed II (= intermediate setting)
  • Constant curve/constant speed III (= highest setting)

Which pump setting for which situation?

The selected setting depends on your personal situation.

  • Only radiators: proportional pressure (PP1 or PP2)
  • Underfloor heating or underfloor heating + radiators: constant pressure (CP1 or CP2)
  • No regulation, like the old pump with three settings: constant speed (settings I, II, and III)

Whether the high or low setting should be used depends on the capacity required for your system, which differs on the basis of the environment.

Contents of the kit

  • Grundfos Alpha1 25-60/130 Circulation Pump
  • two gaskets (rubber rings)
  • manual

Replacing your old circulation pump / central heating pump

Because of its identical size, your old circulation pump can easily be replaced by a new one. Any handyman can do this, because all you need are water pump pliers; view our video. You can easily find your old pump in the replacement table.


Grundfos is one of the largest pump manufacturers in the world. They have managed to obtain a substantial share in the industrial market, and have achieved this by supplying the highest quality products over a period of several decades. As a result, Grundfos pumps are currently used in many installations and situations. Not surprisingly, your central heating system may also be fitted with a Grundfos circulation pump. Grundfos was originally a Danish company but it is now represented in many countries all over the world. In addition to manufacturing central heating pumps and targeting the industrial market, Grundfos also sells several garden and booster pumps, and has a line of very robust, high-quality submersible pumps.

General information

Product package - Grundfos Alpha1 25-60/130
- 2 gaskets
- Manual
Warranty 2 year warranty
SKU 5711495722845

Physical specifications

Weight 2,5 kg

Technical information

Power consumption 45 Watt
Max. temperature of liquid 2°C - 110°C


Pump type Circulation pump
Max. pump capacity 2,900 l/h
Max. delivery head 6 m
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    Grundfos Alpha1 25-60/130
    Grundfos Alpha1 25-60/130
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Grundfos Alpha1 25-60/130 2,900 l/h 6 m 195
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