Grundfos Unilift CC 5

Professional robust puddle pump with either a side or a top outlet.
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Grundfos Unilift CC 5 Grundfos Unilift CC 5
Specifications overview
  • Max. pump capacity 6,000 l/h
  • Max. delivery head 5,2 m
  • Solid particles 10 mm
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Pros and cons
  • Absolute top quality
  • Suitable for clean/slightly dirty water
  • Can be used as a puddle pump, without a suction strainer
  • High-quality materials
  • Built-in air vent (prevents air in the pump body)
  • Has a top and a side outlet
  • No float switch, does not switch on/off automatically
Product description

With the Grundfos Unilift CC you will be able to tackle a large number of pumping jobs with a low suction height, because it pumps both clean and slightly dirty water. The pump can be used to make the floor mop dry, because it can be converted into a puddle pump. The combined use of composite materials and stainless steel makes the pump very reliable and solid. The innovative self-venting valve in the handle prevents air from getting trapped in the pump. The pump also has a non-return valve on the delivery side, which may prevent water from flowing back into the pump body.

Various models

This Unilift CC series comprises three models, ranging from the CC 5 with a pump capacity of 6,000 litres to the CC 9 with a pump capacity of 14,000 litres per hour. Because of the semi-open impeller, the pump can process solids up to 10 mm in diameter. The stainless steel strainer filter prevents larger particles from entering the pump. This Grundfos Unilift CC is supplied with an adapter/hose socket, and therefore fits on 3/4”, 1” or 1 1/4” hoses/connectors. To convert the Grundfos submersible pump into a puddle pump, you just need to detach the stainless steel suction strainer. This is very easy and makes the submersible pump suitable for draining very low to 3mm. This user-friendly, sustainable Grundfos Unilift CC submersible pump can be used for a wide variety of pumping jobs in and around the house or business premises:

  • Water and rainwater in the agricultural sector
  • Water from rivers and lakes
  • Rain, drainage, and flood water
  • Water to fill/empty containers, ponds, tanks, etc.
  • Water from showers, washing machines, and sinks below sewer level
  • Swimming pool water
  • Ditch drainage water
  • Groundwater (reduction)
  • Effluent from viaducts, underpasses, etc.
  • Drainage water from sprinkler systems in garages.

Water level

This pump is not fitted with a float switch, which means that it does not switch on/off automatically based on the water level. This submersible pump removes water to a level of 3mm.

If you are looking for a pump that switches on automatically, you can opt for a submersible puddle pump with a float, such as the Grundfos Unilift CC 5 A1 or the DAB Nova Up 300 M-AE.


  • Supplied with a non-return valve and a hose socket
  • The pump has a 1.25" outlet, to which the hose we supply can be connected directly
  • The pump's maximum submersion depth is 10 metres
  • A maximum delivery head of 5.2 metres

Contents of the kit

  • Grundfos Unilift CC 5 Submersible Puddle Pump
  • Non-return valve
  • Multifunctional connecting piece (hose socket)
  • Manual
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Recommended combinations

Mop-dry surfaces (puddle pump)

This pump is capable of draining flat surfaces, but not every submersible pump is a puddle pump. If you are dealing with flooding and want to drain a space 'dry', you will need a puddle pump. Some models can even drain water to a level of 0 to 1 mm. This type of pump is often used for cellars, crawl spaces, or basements, and may be a perfect solution if groundwater rises and floods your house or garden. There are two ways to use a puddle pump. If it is fitted with a float, the pump will be able to drain to a level of about 4 cm. However, only in manual mode is the puddle pump able to 'drain dry', which means you need to switch the pump off yourself when it no longer processes water. This is important because the pump cools itself with the water it pumps. Therefore, to avoid the pump becoming damaged, it must be set to manual mode to drain surfaces 'dry'.


Grundfos is one of the largest pump manufacturers in the world. They have managed to obtain a substantial share in the industrial market, and have achieved this by supplying the highest quality products over a period of several decades. As a result, Grundfos pumps are currently used in many installations and situations. Not surprisingly, your central heating system may also be fitted with a Grundfos circulation pump. Grundfos was originally a Danish company but it is now represented in many countries all over the world. In addition to manufacturing central heating pumps and targeting the industrial market, Grundfos also sells several garden and booster pumps, and has a line of very robust, high-quality submersible pumps.

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General information

Product package - Grundfos Unilift CC 5 Submersible Puddle Pump
- Multifunctional connecting piece (hose socket)
- Non-return valve
- Manual
Warranty 2 year warranty
SKU 5700830761359

Physical specifications

Delivery diameter 1,25"
Material Synthetic with a stainless steel strainer
Weight 4,3 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) 18,5 x 16 x 30,6 cm

Technical information

Power consumption 240 Watt
Max. temperature of liquid 0°C - 40°C
Cable length 10 m


Pump type Submersible pump
Applications Drain a cellar / basement, Drain a sump pit / tank / rain barrel, Drain a swimming pool, Pump dry / drain to 0-2 mm
Max. pump capacity 6,000 l/h
Max. delivery head 5,2 m
Max. submersion depth 10 m
Solid particles 10 mm
Switch level This pump does not switch on/off automatically based on the water level (no float switch).
On manual mode, pumps down to 3 mm
Automatic on/off switch (float) No

Types of water this pump is able to process

Clean water Yes
Rainwater Yes
Groundwater Yes
Slightly dirty water Yes
Canal water Yes
Lake water Yes
River water Yes
Ditchwater Yes - as long as the suction grid does not touch the bottom or come in contact with algae or sludge
Pond water Yes - as long as the suction grid does not touch the bottom or come in contact with algae or sludge
Muddy water No
Salt water No
Faecal matter / manure pit No
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