Lowering rope 30 metres

Place or hang your water pump in the water source easily and safely.

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Lowering rope 30 metres
Specifications overview
  • Length: 30 m
  • High-quality nylon cord
  • Suitable for submersible, borehole and underwater booster pumps
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Product description

A lowering rope is used to place a submersible, a borehole, or an underwater booster pump into the water. Simply attach the cable to your pump and lower it into the water or water source. The lowering rope - a nylon cord with a diameter of 5 mm - has a breaking strength of about 400 kilograms, which is more than sufficient to immerse your pump effortlessly in the water source.

The UV-proof cable is highly resistant to friction and rubbing, and is stronger than other synthetic ropes.

Reasons for using a lowering rope:

  • To secure your water pump
  • The water pump's power cable remains unaffected
  • It is very easy to lower or raise the pump, or to remove it from the water source

Please note: We strongly advise you not to lift your water pump by its power cable. There is a danger of certain seals being torn open, which would allow water to run into the device at undesired points, possibly resulting in a short circuit.

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