Payment information

Your order will be sent once we have received your payment. Some payment methods are quicker than others. You have a choice of different payment types. Below is an overview of the different types of payment that we accept:

  • Bank transfer (takes 2-3 business days)
  • Mastercard/VISA (processed immediately)
  • PayPal (processed immediately)

Secure payment

Most of our payments are processed by our Payment Service Provider: MultiSafepay (see This relates to payments making use of a bank transfer, iDEAL, and credit cards, for which, like most reliable websites, MultiSafepay makes use of SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer) in order to protect personal data while they are being sent through the Internet. You know that you are on a secure page when you see a gold padlock on the bottom right-hand side of the toolbar.

Credit cards

We accept Mastercard and VISA. When paying by credit card, you will be connected via our (SSL secured) connections to the special Multisafepay payment menu. When paying by credit card, you will always be asked for the CVC2 code. These are the last 3 digits of the number on the back of your credit card. This code will be requested to ensure that the credit card you want to pay with is actually in your possession. Furthermore, your credit card details will not be stored anywhere - via the menu, you will be connected directly to the credit card companies, and the total amount of your order will be charged to your credit card immediately. The credit card details will never be in our possession. Delivery time: your order will be processed by us on the day of your order.

Direct bank transfer

You can also transfer the amount by bank transfer, after which we will send the shipment. You can transfer the amount to the bank account number of Please note that it will take several days for the payment to actually reach us. One disadvantage of this is that an article that is limited in stock may have sold out in the meantime. You will receive an email containing the bank details for transferring the money immediately after making your order.