Return / warranty

For service is paramount. Therefore, we like to deal with you in a constructive and honest manner. Do you have a problem, we will do our best to solve it. We also have a very good relationship with our suppliers which will also provide big advantages for you. This way we are able to adequately help you to solve a problem. Or we can quickly research the necessary technical matters for you in order to offer you a suitable solution!


  • Not sure about your purchase? Return the unused product within 30 days
  • Damage with the delivery? Please contact us, we arrange for a solution
  • Returns are free of charge*
  • We always try to get you started again as soon as possible
  • Products with manufacturing defects will be replaced
  • Entitled to 2 years’ warranty: if you use your product as and for which it is intended
  • Repairs within the warranty period are free of charge and may take no longer than 2 weeks
  • Review the tips and explanation with malfunctions for a direct solution
  • We offer a solution in all cases, no-nonsense!
  • We are a member of Trusted Shops

*In case the return is caused by us or damage with the delivery.

30 days cooling off period

One of the things we like to offer you is time to reflect a bit longer, even when you have received the product already. What if you are not convinced yet about the product? Or you have found a solution that is handier for you? Or maybe you have changed your mind for another reason? No problem, just return the parcel to us! When we have received this parcel in its original and unused state, we will immediately refund your money.

Exchange product

Have you found a more suitable product with us than the article you have received then you can of course exchange this product. The difference in the order amount will be refunded of should be paid in addition. When we have received this parcel in its original and unused state, we will immediately exchange this product.

Damaged products

Have you received a damaged product? Please contact us as soon as possible. We will do our best to ensure that you can use the product as soon as possible. It might be that we send you a replacement part or maybe a replacement appliance. Our main aim is that you can perform your work/job/hobby.


You have a standard warranty of two years on all the products that we sell. Have you received a product that does not match the standard? If there is a malfunction with the product within a period of 2 years after purchase/delivery, we can start a warranty procedure. This means that you can register the malfunction with us via the warranty form. You can open this form at the bottom of this page.

If there are unexpected malfunctions you can always come to us. Often, we can already help you remotely. In some cases, we will ask you to return the product so we can inspect this. You can also visit us with the product, we arrange the further handling of the repair/replacement process. If a repair is required, the product will be sent to the repair service of the manufacturer. Repairs will take no more than 2 weeks.


Normally we can solve the problem for you so you can continue to use the product. In principle, the product is repaired or we will send you a replacement appliance. The product should always be used in a normal manner (as mentioned in the user instructions) and for which it is intended. In this case returns are inspected, repaired and thoroughly tested before sending them back to you. When returns show signs of incorrect use, bad maintenance or abuse we will always consult with you. Partly to prevent this from happening again in future. In these cases, you can also expect an honest proposal from us so you can continue as soon as possible. Please remember, honesty is rewarded in these cases.

Quickest way to a solution?

Many problems can be solved from a distance. Therefore we have put considerable time and effort into formulating online solutions, which are always easiest and quickest.

Problems that may occur include:

Still unable to solve the problem?
It may involve a technical defect. If the product still falls within the warranty period, you will be entitled to a replacement device. To determine whether a technical defect is involved, the product will be sent to the manufacturer, where the device will be inspected by experts.

Warranty application
A warranty application always results in a functioning product, either through repair or replacement. We have hands-on experience with all our products, and can therefore provide information and tips to get your product functioning again. If a warranty is involved, the product will be sent to the manufacturer, where the device will first be subjected to a thorough inspection and then be repaired or replaced.

If the inspection indicates that the product actually works, or the problem was caused by incorrect usage, you will be charged for the costs of inspection and the possible costs of repair.

Warranty applications can only be made through this website, because our showroom staff are not authorised to handle warranty-related problems. We cannot handle warranty-related problems without the fully completed warranty form. After the warranty form has been completed online, the supplier will be contacted immediately. They will provide the initial instructions, and you will then be contacted.

Please complete the warranty application form.