Saniflo Saniplus Up

Macerator of the highest quality, with three extra inlets.
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Specifications overview
  • One 100-mm inlet and three 40-mm inlets
  • Max. discharge capacity. 90 l/min
  • For a standard floor mounted toilet
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Specifications overview
  • One 100-mm inlet and three 40-mm inlets
  • Max. discharge capacity. 90 l/min
  • For a standard floor mounted toilet
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Stephen Tip by Stephen

What makes Saniplus Up particularly unique is its capacity, as a result of which it needs to switch on less frequently.

Pros and cons
  • The Saniplus Up is extra large and has therefore more capacity than other macerators
  • Supplied with anti-odour filter, connection and non-return valve
  • The Saniplus Up provides direct access to the strainer
  • Saniplus Up is suitable for a toilet and for three other connections, such as a washbasin, a shower, and a bidet or a bath
  • Equipped with one high inlet and two low inlets on the sides
  • Pumps up to 5 m vertically or 100 m horizontally
  • On registering, you receive 2 + 3 years warranty
  • Operates based on a strainer; if used infrequently, faecal matter may stick to it.
  • The motor cannot be accessed from the outside
  • The Saniplus Up Saniflo needs to be decalcified

The Saniplus Up Saniflo is a unique macerator because it is larger than the other Saniflo macerator models we carry. Owing to its large dimensions, the Saniflo Saniplus Up can be connected to the entire bathroom, and therefore does not constantly need to switch on. In addition, it is capable of grinding faecal matter and toilet paper, as well as being suitable for pumping sanitary water. In addition to a toilet, it is also possible to connect one or multiple washbasins, a bidet and/or a shower cubicle to it. The Saniplus Up enables you to convert a bedroom, an attic room, or another unused space in the house into a complete bathroom. Installing it is easy. Simply mount the macerator behind the toilet, and you are then ready to convert the space into a full-fledged bathroom. The macerator is also suitable for pumping wastewater from a cellar or basement to a sewage system situated at a higher level. Please note that if you want to connect a shower cubicle to the Saniflo Saniplus Up,  the connecting height of the drain in the shower tray needs to be at least 15 centimetres. This is to ensure that the Saniflo Saniplus Up will discharge all the water from the shower.

Sanibroyeur quality

All Sanibroyeur toilet-waste macerators meet both the high quality and the safety standards of the European Union and international standards. These standards include EN 12050-1, EN 12050-2, and EN 12050-3, and these products are manufactured under the ISO 9001 standard, version 2000, as issued by the Association For Academic Quality (AFAQ). Moreover, the Sanibroyeur comes with a two- to five-year warranty (varies per system) for toilet-waste macerators if installation and usage meet the installation instructions and warranty conditions.

What is a toilet-waste macerator?

A toilet-waste macerator is also popularly called a ‘grinder’, a device that grinds solid waste matter so that it can be discharged through a smaller pipe. The classical macerator models are placed behind a toilet, while the more advanced systems have several entrances to connect a variety of sanitary facilities. As a result, even entire kitchens or bathrooms can be connected to these systems, which are usually installed in places where no direct connection with the down pipe or sewer is possible: e.g. basements, attics, or a space situated opposite the down pipe.

Saniplus Up Saniflo product information

  • Product name: Saniplus Up Saniflo
  • Dimensions l x w x h (mm): 515 x 163 x 269
  • Toilet inlet: 100 mm
  • Inlet for other connections: 40 mm
  • Discharge diameter: 22 to 32 mm
  • Number of connections: 4
  • Sound level: 46 dB (silence technology)
  • Colour: white
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Please note: the shower tray to be connected should have a minimum height of 13 cm

Dimensions of the Saniplus Up Saniflo

General information

Product package - Saniplus Up Saniflo
- Including non-return valve
- Odour filter and connections
Warranty 2 year warranty
SKU 3308815074047

Physical specifications

Material Synthetic
Weight 6,4 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) 515 x 181 x 269 mm

Technical information

Power consumption 400 Watt
Max. temperature of liquid 35°C


Max. pump capacity 90 l/min
Max. delivery head 5 m vertically or 100 m horizontally
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