20-metre spiral hose - 25 mm

Sturdy spiral hose for drawing in and draining water
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Specifications overview
  • Length: 20 m
  • Inner diameter: 25 mm / 1"
  • Material: Synthetic
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Pros and cons
  • Strong, robust material
  • Extra-long for drawing in and draining water
  • Kink resistant, does not twist
  • Suitable for drawing in and draining water
  • Without couplings, cannot be connected directly.

This spiral hose can be used in a wide range of situations, and can be attached to your pump to draw in as well as to drain water. It can easily be attached to a garden pump or booster pump using a hose socket and a hose clamp, it can even be used with a submersible pump for draining water. Most submersible pumps come with a hose socket or hose coupling to which the hose can be secured with a clamp.

Please refer to 'Accessories' below for the right hose socket and clamp to connect the spiral hose directly.


This 20-metre long spiral hose is 25 mm in diameter. This diameter is ideal for most pumps, such as submersible pumps, garden pumps, booster pumps, or borehole pumps with 1” inlets and outlets to achieve an optimum result.


This high-quality hose is flexible enough to smoothly work its way around bends, but also rigid to prevent kinking or twisting. This is practical, for example, when a submersible pump needs to pump up water around a bend immediately, or if a garden pump / booster pump needs to pump water from a distance.

Please note: the longer the pumping distance, the lower the priming depth should be. For example, with a 20m hose, the maximum priming depth should be two metres.


You need a few accessories to connect the hose directly to a pump, for example, a hose socket and a hose clamp. The appropriate hose socket you choose depends on the pump's screw connection, for example, if the pump is fitted with an internal (female) thread, you would opt for a hose socket with an external (male) thread, and vice versa.


If you want to use the hose to pump water, you will need the above accessories as well as a 'Suction strainer with a foot valve', and an extra 'Hose socket' and a 'Hose Clamp'. For this purpose, we have put together a PROMO deal.

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