Vario 1000 E Pond Pump

Entry-model pump for creating a fountain in your pond.

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Vario 1000 E Pond Pump
Specifications overview
  • Suitable for ponds of up to 2,500 litres
  • For creating a fountain in your pond and general water circulation
  • Head rate 1.3 metres
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Product description

The Vario 1000 E is an entry-model pond pump from manufacturer TIP. This German-manufactured pump is equipped with a sponge filter, allowing only clean water to be pumped towards the pond fountain. The fountain is equipped with a telescopic riser pipe. This means the pump doesn't have to be placed on an elevation in the pond in order to create a fountain.

What makes this pump unique is that you can easily adjust the capacity (litres per hour) by using the rotary knob. This means you freely determine the height of your fountain.

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General information

Product package - Vario 1000 E
- Sponge filter
- Telescopic riser pipe
- 3 fountain sprinklers
Warranty 2 year warranty
SKU 4011458300266

Physical specifications

Material Technopolymer
Weight 2,1 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) 29,5 x 26 x 21,5 cm

Technical information

Power consumption 12 Watt
Cable length 10 metres


Max. pump capacity 1,200 litres per hour
Max. delivery head 1,3 metres
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