VYR full-circle sprinkler 70

Irrigates in a full circle around the impact sprinkler

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VYR full-circle sprinkler 70
Specifications overview
  • Size: ¾" (female thread)
  • Water consumption: 2,280 to 2,940 l/h
  • Spray radius: Ø 31 to 34 metres
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Product description

The Vyrsa VYR-70 is a versatile impact sprinkler suitable for, amongst other things, irrigating a garden or sports field. This brass impact sprinkler sprays in a full circle. The sprinkler does not allow for setting a particular garden sector, but this is possible with sector sprinklers such as the VYR-60.

This impact sprayer is made of brass, making it resistant to aggressive fertilisers and therefore highly suitable for agricultural purposes. The average time needed to make a full circle is about 40 seconds.

The VYR-70 is supplied with the 5.2 mm - 3.1 mm nozzle combination. 

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General information

Warranty 2 year warranty
SKU 8717605029818

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