WDF 20000 Pond Filter Set

    Complete, ready-to-use set for sifting your pond!
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    WDF 20000 Pond Filter Set
    Specifications overview
    • Suitable for ponds of up to 20,000 litres
    • For water circulation and sifting
    • Filter volume: 70 litres
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    Product description

    As the name suggests, the WDF Pond Filter Set of manufacturer TIP is a complete set for sifting your pond. The set comes with all the components you need for sifting your pond. Get started immediately!

    The included pump should be submersed in water. This pump drains the water to the external filter via the included supply hose (which must be placed outside of the pond). The water is then filtered here. Thanks to the sponge filters, bio-spheres and UV light, the water is filtered in three ways. Afterwards, the water automatically flows back into the pond via the included drain hose.

    What makes this particular pond filter unique is its wet-and-dry system. As soon as the water is filtered, the water in the external filter flows over a tear bar. This tear bar ensures that the water is enriched with ambient air. In the past, such a system was only used for professional pond filters. The WDF is the first regular consumer pond filter that includes such a system.

    You can clean the filter by opening the valve on top. When doing so, the waste water will be drained via a separate drainage path. You also have the option of connecting a hose to flow this water to a designated space.


    The WDF Pond Filter Set comes in 2 versions:

    • WDF 10000 Pond Filter Set (Suitable for ponds of up to 10,000 litres)
    • WDF 20000 Pond Filter Set (Suitable for ponds of up to 20,000 litres)

    Recommended combinations

    General information

    Product package- WDF 20000 external filter
    - Vortex pump
    - 1x18 Watt UV-lamp
    - sponge filters
    - Bio-spheres
    - 3m supply hose
    - 2m drain hose
    - couplings
    Warranty2 year warranty
    Manufacturer code302857

    Physical specifications

    Weight11 kg
    Dimensions (l x w x h)59,5 x 39,5 x 52 cm

    Technical information

    Input power (W)Pump: 70 Watt | External filter: 18 Watt
    Cable lengthPump: 10 metres | External filter: 5 metres


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