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Water pump

We have a water pump available for almost any situation. Because we have many water pumps in stock and closely collaborate with various water pump suppliers, we guarantee fast deliveries and adequate solutions. is a service-oriented webshop with the widest variety of water pumps and accessories. There are many different types of water pumps available. Below is a list of main categories.


How does a water pump operate?

There are many different types of water pumps, including submersible pumps, irrigation pumps and circulation pumps. Although all pumps operate differently, generally speaking, pumps can be divided into three main categories. There are the self-priming pumps, centrifugal pumps and underwater pumps.

Self-priming pumps
Self-priming pumps are placed outside of the water. The pump's engine operates the pump housing. The pump housing of a self-priming pump is equipped with a suction and delivery diameter. Using the suction diameter, the pump is able to suck water by means of a suction hose. The end of the suction hose can be positioned in the source (under water). The pump's housing includes one or multiple impellers. Impellers resemble closed rotor blades that exert a certain suction and compressive force by spinning around. Rotation of the impellers releases these forces and allows the pump to suck up water at a maximum depth of 8 metres. The pressure force in these types of pumps is always much greater and is expressed in head rate, or maximum pressure. As a rule of thumb: the more impellers, the greater the pressure the pump can exert. Other pumps that fall into this category include irrigation pumps, booster pumps and rainwater harvesting pumps.

Centrifugal pumps
Centrifugal pumps are largely the same as self-priming pumps, although they either have very light self-priming features or none at all. Given that centrifugal pumps have less suction power, they must always be manually started. Therefore, these pumps are often used for smaller suction heights, or systems where the water is already fed to the pump or closed systems (circulation pumps).

Underwater pumps
As the same suggests, underwater pumps (often submersible and well pumps) are fully submersed in water. Given that these pumps are equipped with open impellers, the water can easily reach them. Once the impeller starts rotating, the impeller's 'paddles' more or less press the water against the inside of the pump housing. With submersible pumps, part of the pump housing is equipped with a delivery diameter, through which the water can exit the pump. Water always seeks the path of least resistance, which in this case is the delivery diameter. By connecting a drain hose, the water can be transported to another location. Well pumps have several impellers placed above each other, with each impeller being able to increase the pressure of the water right up to the delivery diameter. offers many types of water pumps and has made a careful selection by category, allowing customers to choose the right water pump for any situation at competitive prices.

Water pump stock

Solver Media manages various webshops. In order to quickly supply our customers with their purchased product, we always maintain a varied stock. The main advantage is that we can guarantee a free, fast 'standard delivery'. Other benefits include the possibility to order until 12 pm and receiving your package within 72 hours. Should any items be damaged during delivery, we will quickly provide you with a new component or entirely new product.

All products are stored in one central warehouse, where dozens of people work daily to ensure your products are packaged and shipped in the greatest possible condition. We stand for excellent and prompt service, so you shouldn't expect anything less!

All pumps are extensively tested before they are included in our assortment. This enables us to safeguard the quality of our products. Moreover, almost all pumps have been factory tested. This way we can guarantee that you will receive a water pump that simply works. Test results can commonly be found in the water pump's manual.

DAB water pumps were originally intended for professional use. Quality is always paramount to us and multiple concessions are made when it comes to price. You will therefore often notice frequent price differences compared to T.I.P. water pumps. Nevertheless, DAB has succeeded in creating a line of competitively priced submersible pumps, garden water pumps, water pressure pumps, well pumps, central heating pumps, circulation pumps and accessories. As a result, DAB has gradually become more popular among general consumers.

The opposite is true for T.I.P. T.I.P. originally focused on the consumer market and have since invested lots of resources in improving the quality of their pumps. In addition, price has always been an important factor for T.I.P. This German water pump manufacturer assembles all its pump in-house.

Like all our other webshops, we have excellent relationships with our suppliers. We do all we can to provide you with the best experience possible. When people purchase a water pump, they often require one immediately. We believe it is therefore very important that our water pumps are immediately read for use. We are specialised in complete packages, that are specifically tailored to certain problems and situations. Whether you're looking to reuse rainwater, drain basements or increase the water pressure in your house... we have a solution for you!

Submersible pump

Do you have water problems? A basement, basin, tank or septic well that needs to be drained? Whether clean or waste water, a submersible pump provides an excellent solution.

Garden water pump

An garden water pump is a self-priming pump that is generally used for irrigating garden and lawns. These pumps can be used with any type of water; from tap water to groundwater and from pond to ditch water.

Water pressure pump

A water pressure pump is a self-priming pump and is often used for indoor pressure increase, as a rainwater harvesting system or for irrigating gardens and lawns. Depending on the water requirement, a water pressure pump automatically switches on or off.

Borehole pump

A borehole pump is mainly used for irrigating gardens and lawns, but may also be used as a rainwater harvesting system. Due to its narrow diameter, a borehole pump can be placed in wells/sources with a diameter of approx. 10 cm.

Central Heating / Circulation pump

A central heating pump provides heating systems with (hot) water. Did you know that a standard central heating pump is responsible for 10% of your energy costs? Start saving up to 70% with our central heating pumps!

Macerator pump

The macerator pump can be placed directly behind the toilet and can therefore operate independently of existing pipes and drainage connections. Ideal for moving waste water to a higher point.

Sewage pumping station

A sewage pumping station is ideal for collecting and processing clean and dirty water, as well as for draining domestic wastewater from basements that are situated lower than the sewer. Furthermore, it is perfect to be used with an access ramp. Many different factors may influence the choice of pumps, and seeks to provide as much information as possible. However, please feel free to contact us by telephone or email if something is not quite clear. We will be happy to advise you.

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