A macerator allows one to place an appliance in a location where there is no direct connection to drainage or sewage. Think of a toilet or an entire bathroom. This product can be used both in basements and on higher floors for transferring your waste water to the sewage system.

What is the origin of the Saniflo?

Saniflo is a product from French manufacturer SFA. For over 50 years now, the company's goal is to simplify the installation of toilets, bathroom or kitchens, avoiding any major works. Within a short period of time, Saniflo has become a household name when it comes to sanitary facilities. The company has even become one of the global market leaders. All Saniflos are produced in the Saniflo factory in Brégy, France. By doing so, the company is in control of the entire production process and quality can be safeguarded.

How does a Saniflo work?

The Saniflo is placed directly behind a toilet. Moreover, some models also allow connection to multiple water-consuming applications. The Saniflo is a simple plastic drain tray, containing a waste water pump resistant to faecal matter and toilet paper. As soon as a certain water level in the drain tray is reached, the pump automatically starts processing and draining the contents of the tray. The contents is transferred through the drainage pipe, towards the connected sewage system. As soon as the tray is empty, the pump automatically turns itself off. As soon as the Saniflo fills up again, the pump starts and the process repeats itself.

What makes a Saniflo useful?

Are you planning on installing an (additional) toilet, bathroom, washing machine or other water-consuming appliance in your home? There is a good chance that you won't have direct access to the sewage system, given that the location of your appliances was not taken into account during the construction of your home. A Saniflo offers the ideal solution. After all, it provides sufficient power to pump waste water over a distance of approx. 5 metres vertically / 50 metres horizontally. When using a Saniflo you won't be limited to only rooms with a direct connection to the sewage system.


Saniflo was the first company to introduce these kinds of sanitary devices to the market. However, competing companies have also started developing similar devices. As a result, over the years Saniflo has been surpassed in several areas. For example, ease of installation, maintenance and number of applications. As shown in the comparison at the top of this page, we have a similar device to the Saniflo in stock. This device exceeds the 'real' Saniflo in terms of functionality and is also sold at a lower price.