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Buy a SFA Saniflo toilet

The SFA Saniflo toilet allows one to place an appliance in a location where there is no direct connection to drainage or sewage. Think of a toilet or an entire bathroom. The SFA Saniflo toilet can be used both in basements and on higher floors for transferring your waste water to the sewage system.

What is the origin of the Saniflo pump?

The Saniflo macerator pump is a product from French manufacturer SFA Group. Since 1958, the company's goal is to simplify the installation of toilets and bathrooms, avoiding any major works. Within a short period of time, Saniflo has become a household name when it comes to sanitary facilities. The company has even become one of the global market leaders. All SFA Saniflos toilets are produced in the Saniflo factory in Brégy, France. By doing so, the company is in control of the entire production process and quality can be safeguarded.

How does a Saniflo macerator pump work?

The Saniflo macerator is placed directly behind a toilet. Moreover, some models also allow connection to multiple water-consuming applications. The SFA Saniflo toilet is a simple plastic drain tray, containing a waste water pump resistant to faecal matter and toilet paper. 

As soon as a certain water level in the drain tray is reached, the Saniflo pump automatically starts processing and draining the contents of the tray. The contents is transferred through the drainage pipe, towards the connected sewage system. As soon as the tray is empty, the Saniflo macerator pump automatically turns itself off. As soon as the SFA Saniflo toilet fills up again, the Saniflo pump starts and the process repeats itself.

What makes a SFA Saniflo toilet useful?

Are you planning on installing an (additional) toilet, bathroom, washing machine or other water-consuming appliance in your home? There is a good chance that you won't have direct access to the sewage system, given that the location of your appliances was not taken into account during the construction of your home. A SFA Saniflo toilet offers the ideal solution. After all, it provides sufficient power to pump waste water over a distance of approx. 5 metres vertically / 50 metres horizontally. When using a macerator pump you won't be limited to only rooms with a direct connection to the sewage system.

SFA Saniflo toilet

What are the advantages of an SFA Saniflo toilet?

The advantages of SFA Saniflo macerator pumps are numerous, which makes them an ideal choice when installing additional bathrooms or ensuite facilities.

  • Designed for easy installation

  • Quiet motor for discreet use

  • Improved casing, compact, tidy, and discreet.

  • Easy access to the tank for service and maintenance purposes.

  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

In short, with an SFA Saniflo toilet you are investing in an efficient, discreet, and reliable system for all your sanitary needs.

Do SFA Saniflo macerator pumps also have disadvantages?

Despite the many advantages of SFA Saniflo macerator pumps, it needs to be kept in mind that these devices need regular maintenance. The task is not a complicated one, but it is important for the following reasons that it be carried out accurately.

  • At some point, residue may accumulate in the SFA Saniflo toilet and cause blockages. Therefore, check and clean the system regularly. Also avoid flushing unsuitable materials such as wet wipes, tampons, nappies, or sanitary towels.

  • Limescale deposits may occur. Therefore, clean the pump 3 to 4 times a year with Saniflo Descaler fluid. In addition, do not use other strong chemicals, as they may damage the system.

If you follow the above guidelines, the SFA Saniflo macerator pump will remain free of problems, and you will continue to enjoy the advantages of this innovative system.

Which SFA Saniflo toilet is suitable in your situation?

Before you decide to get a specific SFA Saniflo toilet, it is advisable to familiarise yourself with the available specifications. Consider the following features beforehand.

  • Pump capacity and delivery head: These may vary, depending on the type of SFA Saniflo pump.

  • Size and design: Several models come in different sizes and designs. Some models are compact and meant for small spaces, while others are larger and have a greater capacity.

  • The number of connections for other applications: Some models are designed specifically to process only toilet waste, while others can also handle wastewater from other sanitary appliances such as showers, washbasins, or washing machines. Depending on the model, the number of devices that can be connected to an SFA Saniflo pump may vary widely.

Taking all these aspects into account will make it easier for you to choose the appropriate model from our range of SFA Saniflo macerator pumps.

Use our choice guide to find your ideal SFA Saniflo toilet

Choosing the right SFA Saniflo toilet is essential for the efficient and trouble-free operation of your sanitary appliances. The choice guide in our main menu has been developed to guide you through this process, taking into account your specific needs and situation. Trust our expertise to guide you through a variety of models, features, and applications, so that you can select with confidence the most suitable model for your sanitary installations.

How does a SFA Saniflo toilet work?

SFA Saniflo produces macerators and other devices. Saniflo macerator pumps are used to grind human waste and toilet paper and to pump wastewater so that it can be disposed of efficiently, even if the drainpipe is situated at a higher level or further away. The grinding process facilitates the disposal of wastewater by means of a pump mechanism.

Are Saniflo toilets good?

SFA Saniflo toilets are good solutions in situations where traditional drainage systems are difficult to implement. They are flexible and save space. Furthermore, the SFA group stands for quality, reliability, and dependability. Saniflo macerator pumps are designed to last, and the SFA Saniflo toilet is proof of this.

Does a Saniflo toilet need electricity?

Yes, SFA Saniflo toilets use electricity to power the grinding process and the discharge pump. Electricity consumption varies per model.

Do Saniflo toilets block easily?

Saniflo macerators are designed to handle wastewater efficiently but can become blocked if they are not used correctly. Blockages can be prevented by not flushing unsuitable materials such as wet wipes and female hygiene products. 

Do Saniflo toilets smell?

Adequate maintenance and the correct use of SFA Saniflo toilets reduce the risk of unpleasant odours. Cleaning regularly and avoiding non-degradable materials contribute to a fresh, odour-free environment. 

Where does the waste from a Saniflo toilet go?

A pumping mechanism transfers the ground wastewater to the existing drainage system. In this way, the Saniflo pump disposes of the waste efficiently.

Can you install a Saniflo toilet yourself?

nstalling an SFA Saniflo toilet requires some technical skill. We demonstrate in the video how you can install a Saniflo yourself. In addition, we have also prepared step-by-step instructions on how to install a Saniflo macerator.