Macerator pump

Macerator pump

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A macerator can be placed directly behind the toilet and can be set up independently of existing pipework and drain connections. Making this ideal for fitting in on-suite bathrooms, basements or building extensions where the main sewer stack cannot be easily reached. More information »

  • Suitable to be placed directly behind the toilet
  • Drains water to a higher/further located drainpipe
  • No nearby drainpipe? No problem!

Macerator pump

A macerator pump, also known as a toilet-waste grinder or sewer pump, is simply a collecting tank in which a pump has been placed. Wastewater that ran from a toilet, a washbasin, a bidet, a washing machine, or a shower into the macerator will be processed and discharged by it. A macerator can be placed anywhere in the house, even if there is only a small drainpipe or none at all.

The device is often placed in cellars/basements where extra living space has been created with, for example, a shower, a toilet, a washbasin, and/or a washing machine. Basements are usually situated lower than the central drainpipe in the house or the sewage system, which means that the wastewater has to be pumped horizontally and/or partly vertically to be discharged. The macerator is also used for spaces situated at a higher level, where no direct connection to the drainpipe can be made. A macerator usually has sufficient power to drain wastewater up to 6 metres vertically/60 metres horizontally. If you want to place a washing machine or even a toilet in a location with no direct connection to the drainpipe, the macerator will be an ideal solution.

DAB Genix macerator

The DAB Genix macerator is in a few ways more advanced than the Saniflo. For example, the Genix is easy to maintain without getting your hands dirty. A great advantage is that you do not need to put your hands into the macerator to fix it. Moreover, the Genix is also suitable to drain warm water from a washing machine. If you want to put a washing machine in a location without a drainpipe to the sewage system, the DAB Genix will be a perfect solution.

Ready-to-use kit

The kit includes every part needed to install the DAB Genix immediately: coupling pieces, bends, hose clamps, and hose sockets. You can install and start using the macerator immediately.

Installing a macerator

A macerator is placed directly behind the toilet. Depending on the type of macerator, other applications such as a washbasin, a shower, a washing machine, and/or a bidet can also connected to it. The water is collected in the collecting tank, and when a certain level is reached, the pump will be activated automatically, processing and then discharging the content of the reservoir. Large particles such as faecal matter and toilet paper need to be cut up in order for water that contains this to fit through a narrow drainpipe.

Which macerator is suitable for me?

We provide five macerators that are suitable for any kind of situation. Depending on your situation, you can opt for one of the following models:

  • DAB Genix 130: one connection for a toilet + three connections for other applications
  • DAB Genix Comfort 130 (extra quiet!): one connection for a toilet + three connections for other applications
  • DAB Genix WL 130 (suitable for wall hung toilets): one connection for a toilet + three connections for other applications.

If you do not need to connect a toilet, the DAB Genix VT will be a more economical solution.