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DAB Genix VT 030

    • DAB Genix VT 030
    • DAB Genix VT 030
    • DAB Genix VT 030
    • DAB Genix VT 030
    • DAB Genix VT 030

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    Description of the DAB Genix VT 030

    Tip from Stephen

    An ideal tank around which to create an entire kitchen or bathroom without a direct drain to a down pipe or sewage system.

    Brief specifications

    • Three 40 mm, no toilet connection
    • Ideal for kitchens or bathrooms
    • Max. discharge capacity 130 l/min
    • Pumps up to 6 m vertically or 90 m horizontally

    Pros and cons

    • Specifically for a single water point
    • Starts automatically when the tank fills up
    • Supplied as a ready-to-use kit
    • Easy to install
    • Motor can be accessed and maintained from the outside
    • Drains warm wastewater (e.g. also washing machine water)
    • Has 3 connections for sanitary systems
    • Not suitable for a toilet
    • Difficult access to the tank (situated under the motor)

    The DAB Genix VT 030 is the successor of the DAB Novabox 30/300.

    The Genix VT 030 lifting station is a perfect solution for creating multiple water points in places where no standard drain is present: for example to install a washbasin or shower in a basement or attic. In addition to bathrooms, the unit is also used frequently to create a kitchen in a place where no direct connection can be made with a sewage system.

    Operation and ease of use

    This lifting station can be easily installed in, for example, a kitchen where a dishwasher and several kitchen taps are connected to it. In a normal situation, these would be connected to the sewage system, but in this case the water will be drained to the tank. The tank is equipped with a pump to overcome a horizontal distance to a down pipe, for example, or even to enable vertical lifting to a sewage system. It can discharge 6 metres vertically and 90 metres horizontally. As soon as the tank has filled up, the pump will switch on and drain the wastewater to a down pipe or sewer line. This Genix model is also easy to install and can be connected to sanitary facilities after it has been put into place. The DAB Genix VT should never be connected to a toilet but can be used with a washbasin, a washing machine, a dishwasher, a bidet, a shower, and so on. Another great advantage of the Genix versus other macerator brands is its 'white glove maintenance'. The motor compartment is easy to reach from the outside by removing a cover, which provides direct access to its motor parts. Of course, the tank is fitted with a carbon filter, non-return valve, screw couplings, and hose clamps. In fact, it offers everything you need to connect pipes directly to the tank.

    Contents of the kit

    • DAB Genix VT 030 lifting station
    • Coupling and connecting pieces
    • Manual


    DAB is one of the best-selling brands of water pumps for consumers as well as for professionals. These pumps adhere to a very high standard of quality, with each pump being tested manually by a staff member before it is put on the market. This is the only way DAB can guarantee that you obtain the absolute best. They have a solution regarding almost any situation, whether it involves an industrial application or simply spraying a garden. DAB's professional quality is also reflected in its consumer line. The DAB pumps we replace for people are usually over ten years old.

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    Specifications of the DAB Genix VT 030

    General information

    • DAB
    • 2 year warranty
    • 8059893173829

    Physical specifications

    • Synthetic
    • 10,3 kg
    • 45,6 x 17,8 x 34,6 cm (including coupling pieces)

    Technical information

    • 230 Volt
    • 530 W
    • up to 90 °C for thirty minutes


    • 6 m
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    Manuals of the DAB Genix VT 030

    Click here for the DAB Genix VT 030 manual

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