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Water pump type

Submersible pump

Are you dealing with flooding? A submersible pump provides the solution for clean or dirty water. All submersible pumps

Central heating pump

Save on your energy costs with a new central heating pump. Discover our product range. All central heating pumps

Macerator pump

Trouble-free wastewater disposal. Discover the best models of macerator pumps in our range now. All macerator pumps

Sewage pumping station

Collecting and discharging (dirty) water? Sewer pump stations are perfect for this purpose. All sewage pumping stations

Garden water pump

A garden water pump, as the name suggests, is used to water a lawn or garden. Check out our pumps. All garden water pumps

Water pressure pump

A water pressure pump is used to increase pressure indoors, as well as to water the lawn. All water pressure pumps

Well pump

A well pump is mainly used to irrigate a garden or lawn. But also as a rainwater system. All well pumps

Swimming pool pump

Keep your pool healthy with a swimming pool pump. The pump circulates and filters pool water. All swimming pool pumps