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Buying a sewage pumping station

A sewage pumping station is an all-in-one solution for the collecting and automatic draining of domestic wastewater: for example, from one or more toilets, washbasins, showers, washing machines, and dishwashers.

Generally, sewage pumping stations are used in homes and companies that are situated too far away from the sewage system to dispose of wastewater without a pump. Sometimes the sewage system is situated higher than certain parts of the house or company building, which is often the case with basements.

Furthermore, this device is also very suitable for collecting surplus rainwater that needs to be drained, such as in parking garages and other facilities with an access ramp, with thousands of litres of water per hour coming down during a heavy rainfall.

Asewage pumping station consists of a large tank in which one or more pumps are situated, and its purpose is to collect domestic or industrial wastewater and/or rainwater, and then drain it to the sewage system fully automatically.

DSD system

Some of the sewage pumping stations we supply are fitted with a DSD system, which facilitates installing and maintaining the pump. You only need to attach the supplied bracket to the pump's outlet and place it around the DSD kit. The pump will then drop into exactly the right position, allowing it to discharge the wastewater directly via the drainage system.

Single or dual pump system

A sewage pumping station may be equipped with or have room for one or more pumps. For example, the DAB Fekafos 280 DSD Dual has room for a dual pump system, which increases its operational reliability; this means that if one of the two pumps malfunctions or breaks down, the pipes will not become blocked. Furthermore, a dual pump system is highly suitable for buildings or applications that require frequent draining of large amounts of water.