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Sprinklers / garden irrigation

Various options are available to let you irrigate your garden, ranging from manual irrigation to automatic systems with an irrigation computer/controller, magnetic valves, and pop-up sprinklers. There is something for everyone. The question, however, is which system will work best in your situation.

Oscillating sprinkler

An oscillating sprinkler is a device fitted with a Gardena-type click coupling connector. You can simply click on a garden hose and place the sprinkler in the garden. On the basis of water pressure, the sprinkler oscillates automatically from left to right as it irrigates your garden. To ensure that particular garden sectors - and not your neighbour's garden - are irrigated, you can usually set the sprinkler's range on the sprinkler itself.

Hand-held spray gun

A hand-held spray gun is used to irrigate a garden manually, and is equipped with a Gardena-type click coupling connector, which makes installing it easier. You secure the device to a garden hose and can immediately begin spraying your garden.

Impact sprinkler

Like oscillating sprinklers, an impact sprinkler - sometimes called a tick sprinkler because of the sound it makes - is a practical total solution for irrigating your garden. Whereas an oscillating sprinkler sends water high into the air, an impact sprinkler sprays fairly low. In this way, less water is spilled and irrigation is more targeted. Impact sprinklers come in two models: full-circle sprinklers, which, as the name suggests, irrigate around the entire device, and sector sprinklers, which can be set to the garden sector to be irrigated.

Pop-up sprinkler

A pop-up sprinkler is used for garden irrigation and involves hoses / tubes being installed underground. If you do not want to carry garden hoses around constantly but want to irrigate your garden efficiently, an irrigation system with one or multiple pop-up sprinklers will be ideal. When you make use of one or multiple pop-up sprinklers, the piping system - for example, an LDPE pipe - is installed below the surface.

Without water / pressure in the pipe, the pop-up sprinkler will remain sunken in the ground, but when activated it will pop up and start spraying your garden. A wide selection of pop-up sprinklers is available, each with its own range and operating pressure. This means that there is a suitable solution involving every type of garden.


A distributor is used to divide and direct a hose / pipe towards multiple groups. Depending on the type of distributor, you also have the option of closing down certain groups so that you can decide which areas of the garden are to be irrigated.

Drip hose

A drip hose is used for targeted irrigation of borders and/or lawns, and - depending on the type - can be placed above ground or underground. As the name suggests, drip hoses irrigate by means of water that drips from the small holes in the hose. A water pump in turn can provide the drip hose with sufficient water and pressure to ensure that your drip-irrigation system performs optimally

Irrigation computer

An irrigation computer is used for automatic garden irrigation. If you want to irrigate your garden without needing to keep an eye on it, an irrigation computer will be a solution. We offer a wide range of models, including Wi-Fi-connected computers that can be controlled via your smartphone. An irrigation computer works in combination with one or multiple magnetic valves that can be directed by means of an electronic signal.

Magnetic valve

A magnetic valve can be installed by placing it between a pipe or on a distributor, and can be directed by means of an electronic signal from an irrigation computer in order to open or close it.