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Rainwater harvesting pump

Rainwater harvesting pumps are used for reusing rainwater in and around the home. The rainwater is collected in an underground tank/reservoir or well. The rainwater harvesting pump then takes water from this pump for reuse. Rainwater harvesting pumps are available in different shapes and sizes and can be placed both in and out of water.

Rainwater harvesting pump installation

A rainwater harvesting pump can be placed both in (wet setup) and out of (dry setup) water. Both setups have their own pros and cons. The most common setup is the 'wet setup', where the pump is immersed in the water source. Below we evaluate both the strengths and weaknesses of both types of pumps.

Dry setup

With a dry setup, the rainwater harvesting pump is placed outside the water. Using a suction hose, the pump drains the water from the source, after which the water is pumped further under high pressure. The benefit of a dry setup is that it is the cheapest setup and maintenance is fairly simple. Moreover, some pumps in our range (DAB Active Switch and DAB Aquaprof) have the ability to automatically switch to the regular water supply if the water level in the source becomes insufficient. After the well is filled with water again, the pump will switch back to draining the well. In other words, you will always have a supply of water, even if the rainwater source is empty.

Wet setup

Unlike a dry setup, in a wet setup the pump is placed in the rainwater source. The pump drains the water through the suction grate or attached suction set, after which it is pumped further through pipelines in the home. The main differences between a wet and dry setup are the noise level and amount of space the setup requires. With a wet setup the noise level is zero. Next to the pump itself being quiet, it is also placed under water. As a result, any sound is absorbed by the water. A wet setup is also almost 'invisible'. Only the attached hose/pipe and possibly the pump control are located outside of the rainwater source.