DAB Aquaprof Basic 30/50 Rainwater Pump

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    Specifications overview
    • Max. pump capacity 4,800 l/h
    • Max. delivery head 42 m / Pressure 4.2 bar
    • Number of sprinklers / water points used at the same time: 4
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    DAB Aquaprof Basic 30/50 Rainwater Pump
    Specifications overview
    • Max. pump capacity 4,800 l/h
    • Max. delivery head 42 m / Pressure 4.2 bar
    • Number of sprinklers / water points used at the same time: 4
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    Pros and cons
    • Water always readily available.
    • Switches automatically to the water supply system when the source runs dry.
    Product description

    DAB offers two pumps in this line for recycling water. Depending on the required delivery pressure / water pressure, the following models are available:

    • DAB Aquaprof Basic 30/50 (4.2 bar max. output, including float)
    • DAB Aquaprof Basic 40/50 (5.7 bar max. output, including float)

    However, it is also possible to opt for one of the following models from the professional Aquaprof Top line:

    • DAB Aquaprof Top 30/50 (4.2 bar max. output, including probe)
    • DAB Aquaprof Top 40/50 (5.7 bar max. output, including probe)

    The main difference between the Basic and the Top lines is that the Basic models measure the rainwater level with a float and therefore have no display function. The Top line measures the rainwater level with a probe, and is therefore able to display the level digitally. The DAB Aquaprof Basic 30/50 is an advanced rainwater recycling system in a domestic or business setting. It will save you in costs and water usage, which means the pump will pay for itself in no time at all. One of the main advantages of this system is that it instantly switches to the normal water supply system as soon as all of the rainwater has been used. As a result, a supply of water is always guaranteed. 


    • Provides sufficient pressure and capacity for an average of four sprinklers
    • The hose that can be used for this pump has a diameter of 1" for the delivery connection and 1" for the suction connection
    • Draws water from a maximum depth of 8 metres
    • The maximum delivery head is 42 metres, which equals 4.2 bar output

    Contents of the kit

    • DAB Aquaprof Basic 30/50 M
    • Float switch
    • Wall bracket
    • Manual

    Recommended combinations

    Water supply guaranteed

    In some situations, it will be essential that water is always available. This may not always apply to irrigation, but it is definitely crucial when it involves supplying water for toilets, washing machines, or other appliances. In these situations, this pump is extremely suitable. It may be useful if you are not 100% certain whether the source contains sufficient water. The pump can offer a solution in the form of an automatic switch, which ensures water is always drawn, but instantly switches to the water mains system when the source has run dry.

    Stainless steel / Inox

    In some situations, stainless steel, which is also called Inox steel, can be very handy, and is prescribed in particular with regard to drinking water. Drinking water must remain pure and may not contain corrosive elements, which is the reason that stainless steel is used. Furthermore, a stainless steel pump is also resistant to lime, which tends to stick to surfaces, but is not able to do so with smooth, stainless steel surfaces. Cast iron is usually the counterpart of stainless steel, but these pumps are prone to corroding and are therefore used mainly for irrigation. A final advantage of stainless steel is that it is lighter than cast iron and is therefore easier to move.


    DAB is one of the best-selling brands of water pumps for consumers as well as for professionals. These pumps adhere to a very high standard of quality, with each pump being tested manually by a staff member before it is put on the market. This is the only way DAB can guarantee that you obtain the absolute best. They have a solution regarding almost any situation, whether it involves an industrial application or simply spraying a garden. DAB's professional quality is also reflected in its consumer line. The DAB pumps we replace for people are usually over ten years old.

    Automatic activation / deactivation

    This pump switches on or off automatically if you open or close a water point that is connected to the pump. In many cases, this feature is a considerable advantage: for example, when irrigating a garden with a hand-held sprayer, or supplying a toilet or washing machine with rainwater. It is also useful if you want to increase the water pressure in your home. Unlike standard garden water pumps, water pressure pumps - because of the difference in pressure - 'notice' when one or more water points are opened or closed. This is how the pump knows that it needs to start or stop. Standard water pressure pumps (which are mounted to a tank) are equipped with a mechanical switch, and the more advanced ones have electronic switches. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages. The mechanical switch is reliable but can either not be set or it is difficult to do so, while the electronic version can be set but is dependent on electricity.

    General information

    Product package- DAB Aquaprof Basic 30/50 Rainwater Pump
    - Wall bracket
    - Float cable
    - And manual
    Warranty2 year warranty
    Manufacturer code503150200

    Physical specifications

    Suction diameter1"
    Delivery diameter1"
    MaterialStainless Steel
    Weight28 kg
    Dimensions (l x w x h)75 x 29 x 85 cm

    Technical information

    Input power (W)880 Watt
    Input power (hp)1,2 hp
    Noise level67 - 87 dB
    Max. temperature of liquid35°C


    ApplicationsGarden irrigation, Rainwater use within / around the house, Water supply for cattle
    Max. pump capacity4,800 l/h
    Max. delivery head42 m / Pressure 4.2 bar
    Max. suction depth8 metres
    Number of sprinklers / water points used at the same timeMax. 4 Pieces
    Suitable for prolonged use (> 3 hours) Yes
    Dry run protection No
    Inverter No
    Filter No
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        Max. pump capacity
        4,800 l/h
        Max. delivery head
        42 m / Pressure 4.2 bar
        Number of sprinklers / water points used at the same time
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