100-metre Rain Bird XFS Dripline

For underground (invisible) irrigation of your lawns and/or borders

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100-metre Rain Bird XFS Dripline
Specifications overview
  • Length: 100 m
  • For underground use
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Product description

The Rain Bird XFS Dripline is a high-quality drip hose that can be installed under the surface and is ideal, for example, for the 'invisible' irrigation of lawns and borders.

The drip hose allows for the effortless underground irrigation (invisible) of your lawns and borders, without becoming blocked with sand or soil. Moreover, the XFS Dripline makes use of the Copper Shield™ Technology to protect it from root intrusion.

The tubing has evenly spaced inline emitters (tiny holes) 33 cm apart, each with a flow rate of 2.3 litres per hour. As a result, the hose processes about 700 litres per hour over its total length of 100 metres.

If you are looking for a high-quality above-ground (on the sand) drip hose, you can opt for the Rain Bird XFD Dripline.

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Warranty 2 year warranty
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Weight 10 kg

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