About us

Pleased to meet you, we are Waterpump.co.uk. In our webshop, you will find total solutions for a wide variety of water-related problems. For example, if your cellar has flooded due to heavy rainfall, your showerhead lacks sufficient water pressure, you want to irrigate your garden or empty your swimming pool, we have a practical, tailored and ready solution for you.

The story behind Waterpump.co.uk

We would like to take you back in time, to 2011, the year we decided to expand our paint sprayer webshop and enter a new market. We discovered that a large online demand had arisen for products designed to solve a variety of water-related problems. A decade later, we have succeeded in meeting this demand efficiently in the form of total solutions that enable clients to get started immediately with products from our wide range. From beginning to end, service is provided in the form of skilled product specialists, accessible manuals, blogs, an online choice guide, and comprehensive instruction videos, with as little technical language as possible, and as many ready solutions.

Ten years onwards, we are operating in seven countries and have helped more than 200,000 satisfied customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Owing to our international character, we have gained considerable valuable experience, and the knowledge obtained in one country is applied to our webshops in others. In this way, the markets strongly complement each other, and you, as a customer, are offered the best possible total solution.

This is how we help you

Water issues are usually urgent, because nine times out of ten you don’t realise you need a water pump until the problem actually arises. Therefore, we at Waterpump.co.uk aim to help you as quickly as possible with a tailored solution. How we do this?

“To many people, a water pump is an unfamiliar, complex product. We indicate which model you need in order to solve the problem, and offer ready-made solutions in this respect. When the package arrives, you can get started immediately.”

In the first place, we offer advice. Waterpump.co.uk provides a wealth of information to assist you in making the right choice. If you cannot find the information you require, please contact our professional and helpful customer service by telephone, email and chat.

Once you have chosen the right product, you of course want to receive your order as soon as possible. We absolutely understand this. Our great advantage is that we manage our own stock, and dispatch 95% of our packages from our own distribution centre. With more than 80,000 products in stock, we can quickly provide you with the proposed solution. If you order on a work day before 12 p.m., your package will usually be delivered in 1 - 2 working days.

If you have a question about your product or a specific situation during or after installing, or even after several years, our team of experienced experts will always be there to help you.

How we distinguish ourselves from others

If you want to know what makes us so special, we will be happy to answer your question. At Waterpump.co.uk, we:

  • focus on the total solution, and therefore on you as a customer;
  • offer all information needed to make a suitable choice - and in understandable language;
  • offer a wide range of high-quality products from recognised brands;
  • assure you of rapid delivery from our own stock;
  • continue to provide service after a product has been purchased;
  • have a whole team of skilled product specialists ready to help you.

Learn more about the Solver DNA

Waterpump.co.uk is part of Solver Media BV, the umbrella organisation behind our webshops for water pumps and paint sprayers. Solver Media BV has been operating as an online retailer of technical products since 2009. What motivates us are Solver’s core values, which we put into practice every day. The Solver DNA comprises four core principles:


A technical product demands expertise on the part of the seller in order for them to be able to give appropriate advice. We provide this information on our websites in language that is easily understandable. However, if you prefer personal contact, we have a team of product specialists ready to help you. Our product specialists are given ongoing in-house training to provide you with the best advice regarding a suitable total solution, however large or small the job. You can count on our service even after you have purchased one of our products. We will always be there to help you.

Simple solution

Water pumps are usually complex, and described in jargon that few people can understand. We feel this can be done differently, and therefore aim to make the solution as easy and complete as possible. In some cases, we even include installation on location. This is what we define as a simple solution.


We offer a wide range of products from various manufacturers, but all these products have one thing in common: their superior quality. High quality is essential in our range of products, and we are proud of what we offer. Our aim is to offer a top-notch product in various price ranges, but our standard of quality is also guaranteed for products in lower price ranges. In this way, we offer a suitable, high-quality solution for every budget.


Besides stimulating use or reuse of rainwater and saving on tap water by making use of ground or ditch water, we have an additional goal, which is to reduce our carbon footprint. We are currently dispatching over 50,000 parcels a year, which of course increases the impact of our carbon footprint. However, we would like to change this in order to combat climate change.
The solution? Our processes are constantly being reviewed and made more efficient. Examples from practice include using less packaging material and opening more logistic centres throughout Europe. Increased sustainability is an ongoing process in which we want to implement positive changes as quickly and as much as possible.