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Draining water

If you are dealing with flooding or looking for a pump to drain your pond or swimming pool, a submersible pump will be an excellent solution. The pump is easy to install and is capable of transferring water from one place to another at a rapid pace.


✓ Easily drain excess water

✓ Also suitable for irrigation

✓ Fully submersible

✓ Models for clean as well as dirty water

My cellar has flooded

If your cellar has flooded, you will want to drain the water as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. If you wait too long, fungi and/or cracks may develop. Of course, you can call in a plumber to have the cellar drained, but you can just as easily drain it yourself. All you need is a submersible pump and a discharge hose.

A flooded cellar usually involves relatively clean rain water, and all our submersible pumps are suitable for dealing with clean water. Most pumps leave a small amount of water on the surface. For draining cellars, we therefore recommend using a puddle pump, which is sometimes referred to as a puddle sucker pump, because it will leave the space mop dry. In other words, it drains the space to a level of no more than 2 mm.

Ondergelopen kelder

Best choice of puddle pumps for draining cellars:

✓ The ultimate all-rounder

✓ As well as draining cellars, also useful for other purposes and situations

✓ Very interesting price

✓ Built-in float; the pump controls water drainage automatically

✓ Ideal for setting up in a sump pit

✓ Best choice if you only want to drain surfaces

✓ Suitable for very small spaces (min. 16 x 16cm)

My crawl space has flooded

Excess water in your crawl space may become a significant nuisance, because dampness can rise and enter your house. High humidity is bad for your health, and we therefore recommend disposing of excess water as quickly as possible. In crawl spaces, you are often dealing with sandy or muddy water, and in these situations a dirty water pump is the most suitable device.

If the crawl space floor consists of clay or sand, we always recommend placing the pump on a hardened surface such as a tile.

Water in kruipruimte

Best choice of dirty water pumps for crawl spaces:

✓ Best price-quality solution

✓ Excellent performance at a low price

✓ Highly professional

My garden / field has flooded

Small areas of land (pastures or gardens) are frequently flooded during heavy rainfall, and can be drained using a dirty water pump. If you have livestock that normally roams the pasture, there may be faecal matter in the soil. In that case, a FEKA dirty water pump may be the best solution, because standard dirty water pumps are not resistant to water that contains faecal matter.

If no faecal matter is present, a standard dirty water pump will suffice. Our range of submersible pumps have a large water capacity, and they are capable of draining water rapidly.

Best choice of submersible pumps for gardens:

✓ Complete kit, start instantly

✓ Very interesting price

✓ Best price-quality solution

I want to drain water from a construction site

When carrying out excavation work, you will encounter ground water, which needs to be drained from the construction site before a solid foundation can be laid. In such situations, you may be draining sandy or muddy water, and we therefore recommend using a dirty water pump.

This type of pump is suitable for processing water that contains ‘solid particles’. The pump prevents particles from becoming lodged and blocking the pump inlet, as a result of which the device can no longer draw in water. If this happens, the pump will run dry and become overheated because it is no longer cooled by the water. We offer a range of dirty water pumps that are capable of processing solid particles up to a maximum diameter of 50 mm.

Best choice of dirty water pumps for construction sites:

✓ Robust

✓ High capacity

✓ Most professional

✓ Economical, and excellent performance

I want to drain my swimming pool

If you want to drain your swimming pool with a submersible pump, you should first check whether you need a model that is resistant to chloride. Not every pump is suitable. If you have a larger swimming pool, you may want a pump with a large water capacity that is capable of draining water rapidly.

For inflatable swimming pools with ‘normal’ water, a standard submersible pump will do the job. The drained water can be recycled and used for watering your plants.

The best choice of submersible pumps to drain swimming pools:

✓ Resistant to chloride

✓ The ultimate all-rounder

✓ Also suitable for other purposes and situations, such as draining water from a flat roof

✓ The best device for surface drying

✓ Leaves your swimming pool practically dry

I want to drain my pond

If your pond water no longer looks clear, silt or sludge may have accumulated on the bottom, as a result of leaves and other organic matter sinking. The pond may be adversely affected if it has not been cleaned for some time. You can adequately maintain your pond with a pond vacuum cleaner. By circulating the water and refreshing it, the vacuum cleaner will help prevent sludge from accumulating. Choose a submersible pump if your pond needs to be drained or cleaned more thoroughly.

The best choice of submersible pumps to drain ponds:

✓ Best price-quality solution

✓ Resistant to faecal matter

✓ Suitable if the pond water contains animal faeces

I need a submersible pump that is resistant to faecal matter

If you want to drain water that possibly contains faecal matter, you will need a dirty water pump with a macerator: namely, a FEKA pump. Some pump models are suitable for draining water that contains faecal matter, and are indicated with ‘FEKA’ in the pump’s name. Our DAB FEKA VS submersible pumps are designed specifically for pumping wastewater and/or sewage water containing ‘very large’ solid particles (animal and human faecal matter).

Check here our DAB FEKA dirty water pumps.

If you need a faecal pump for your new or extra bathroom, you may want to opt for a macerator.

The best choice of FEKA pumps:

✓ Interesting price

✓ Has a larger pump capacity and a higher delivery head than the DAB FEKA 600 M-A

☓ Can run less continuously than the DAB FEKA 600 M-A

✓ Best quality

✓ Highly professional solution

I want to drain water from a flat roof

If rainwater remains on a flat roof for too long, it can have adverse consequences because the heavy weight can cause cracks in the surface. Adequate draining is therefore very important, and may prevent the drain from becoming blocked by leaves, twigs, and other objects. This often occurs in the autumn. Therefore, be sure to check your drain several times a year to make sure it is still working properly.

If water stays on the roof, it can be drained with a puddle pump. A standard submersible pump always leaves a small layer of water (about 50 mm), while a puddle pump drains the surface practically dry (up to a maximum of 1 mm).

The best choice of puddle pumps for flat roofs:

✓ Very interesting price

✓ Leaves the roof surface practically dry

✓ Also suitable for very small spaces (16 x 16 cm)

✓ The ultimate all-rounder

✓ Most suitable if you want to use the pump for various purposes

I want to drain a septic tank

If you live in a remote area, it is not always possible to connect your drainpipe to the sewage system. In that case, people often make use of a septic tank, which is usually installed underground, to collect all your waste water (from, for example, a toilet, sanitary appliances or a washing machine). A biological process causes bacteria to separate and break down the waste matter, turning it into liquids, that are eventually transferred to the next destination. If the location from which the liquids are drained is higher than the tank, you will need a FEKA submersible pump to provide enough water pressure.

The best choice of FEKA submersible pumps for septic tanks:

✓ The ultimate solution for the dirty work

✓ For extra capacity

I want to install a submersible pump in a sump pit

If you want to set up a submersible pump in a sump pit, you will need a device that does not take up too much space. Selecting the right pump depends on the size of your sump pit. Of course, you want the device to start pumping automatically when the water level rises and to stop when it has dropped. For this, you need a submersible pump with a  float.

Our smallest pumps:

✓ Are true all-rounders

✓ Suitable for small spaces (21 x 21 cm)

✓ Drain surfaces practically dry (1 mm)

✓ Very interesting price

✓ Suitable for small spaces (23 x 23 cm)

✓ Ideal puddle pumps

✓ Suitable for small spaces (16 x 16 cm)

☓ Do not run automatically