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Water pump hose

A hose ensures that pumped water can be transported and distributed if needed. In our collection, we make a distinction between different models, each of which has its own characteristics.

Suction hose

A suction hose is used in combination with a self-priming pump, such as a garden or booster pump. They are suitable for drawing water from external sources: for example, a groundwater well, a ditch, a canal, or a small lake. Our suction hoses have a suction strainer with a non-return valve. The suction strainer stops large particles of dirt from being drawn in, while the non-return valve ensures that the water that has been drawn in does not run back into the source. In this way, the pump will have water readily available next time it starts but is protected against large dirt particles.

Discharge hose

A discharge hose is used in combination with any kind of pump, and is designed to discharge water. We have various discharge hoses in stock, including spiral and flat hoses, and can provide a solution involving any kind of pump or manner of use.

Connecting kit

A connecting kit is used to connect a water pump to the existing piping system, such as a water pipe system. If you want to put a booster pump between the water pipes, or you have replaced an old pump but the connections are not quite the same as the new model, a connecting kit with its flexible connections will provide a solution.

Garden hose

A garden hose is used to transport water to an application such as one or multiple sprinklers. The best-known garden hose is the yellow one that probably almost everybody uses in their garden, but we have a wide range of models in different sizes and qualities.

Drip hose

A drip hose is used for the targeted irrigation of borders and/or lawns and, depending on the type, can be placed above ground or underground. As the name suggests, drip hoses irrigate by means of water that drips from small holes in the hose. A water pump in turn can provide the drip hose with sufficient water and pressure to ensure that your drip-irrigation system performs optimally.