Discharge hose

Discharging water

A discharge hose is suitable for draining water, and is often used in combination with a submersible pump. The pump is placed in the - usually undesired - water, which is then pumped further through the delivery connection, to which a discharge hose can be connected to drain the water.

Different sizes and lengths

We supply discharge hoses in a variety of sizes and lengths, and each one is supplied with a kit; this makes it easy to connect the hose to your water pump. We also supply a suitable kit with the water pumps in order to provide you with a total solution.

Tip: If you choose not to use our selected kits, we recommend matching the size of the discharge hose to the diameter of the pump outlet. For example, for a 1 ½" (40 mm) pump outlet, we advise obtaining a discharge hose with a diameter of 40 mm.

A hose that is too narrow will reduce the pump's capacity, stop it from performing optimally, and affect your pump's lifespan. We advise you not to connect your narrow garden hose to the submersible pump; we suggest instead that you opt for a matching hose.