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TIP pumps

TIP (Technische Industrie Produkte) produces high-quality water pumps. By using different materials and combining years of acquired knowledge, TIP offers water pumps for each market segment. Over the past decades, and thanks to its extensive experience and strong reputation in the field of high-quality and reliable products, T.I.P. has become a major player in the water-pump industry.

The company’s mission is to provide premium-quality and innovative products that meet the requirements of both private and professional users.

Range of products

T.I.P.'s range of products includes a wide variety of water pumps such as submersible pumps, pond pumps, garden pumps, booster pumps, and special pumps for different applications and situations. In addition to water pumps, T.I.P. also supplies garden equipment such as irrigation systems and pond accessories.

Quality and innovation

Quality and innovation are at the heart of T.I.P., which maintains rigorous quality inspections to ensure that its products are reliable and durable. Every product is tested extensively before being launched on the market. In addition, T.I.P. invests continuously in research and development in order to apply new technologies and innovations, such as energy-efficient motors, advanced pump control systems, and durable materials.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

Sustainability and environmental awareness are important standards for T.I.P., whose goal is to develop energy-efficient products that have a minimal impact on the environment. To make this possible, T.I.P. uses recyclable materials and is committed to environment-friendly production processes.

T.I.P. on the market

T.I.P. serves a wide variety of customers ranging from homeowners and garden lovers to professional users in the agricultural and industrial sectors. Although the company has its origins in Germany, T.I.P. has an international presence and its products are sold worldwide.

Reputation and reliability

Thanks to its focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, T.I.P. has established a solid reputation. The company is known for the reliability of its products, which are designed to operate for very long and trouble-free periods. For anyone looking for sound, sustainable water solutions, T.I.P. is a reliable option.