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Control systems for water pumps

A water pump can be equipped with an external control system to add a particular functionality. It is placed on the pump outlet and ensures that water is able to run through it. The pump's power supply is connected to the control system, which in turn determines the pump's power supply. Pump control systems come in different models, with the option of the following extra functionalities:

Dry-running protection

You can protect your pump against running dry by equipping it with a system that is fitted with dry-running protection. When a pump is protected against running dry, the system ensures that it is switched off automatically when water no longer runs through the system. This could mean that the water source is empty or the pump can no longer process water due to a blockage. This protection ensures that the pump's power is turned off so that it stops running. If a water pump is not fitted with dry-running protection, it will continue to process water until such a high temperature is reached that the system breaks down. This can be avoided by using the dry-running system.

Pump switches on and off automatically depending on water requirement

Garden and borehole pumps are not automatic. This means that if the water pump is powered, it will continue running until it is unplugged. In most situations, this is not an issue: for example, when you are irrigating the garden and remain with the system the whole time. However, when you start working with one or multiple taps in your irrigation system, with an irrigation computer/controller, or with a spray gun, you want the pump to switch on only if water is needed. A control system that switches the pump on and off automatically depending on water requirement starts running when one or more taps are opened or a spray gun is used, and switches the pump off as soon as all draw-off points have been closed. In this way, you are able to convert a standard pump into an automatic one. This is ideal if you want to make an existing water pump 'smart' or install a new system but have no space for a booster pump with a pressure vessel.

Controlling rotational speed / RPM speed

A control system that controls the water pump's rotational speed / RPM speed is also called a speed controller. A speed controller ensures that the water pump runs only at the RPM speed required to pump the right amount of water under the right pressure from A to B, and increases and decreases its speed gradually, which will extend the pump's life. With a speed controller controlling the water pump's RPM, its energy consumption will also be reduced. For example, if you open a tap and the pump needs to run at only 10% of its capacity, it will also use only 10% capacity. Speed controllers are highly advanced devices, and have a range of configuration options.